Matt Barnes Reacts To Derek Fisher Firing On Instagram But Fans Expected So Much More

Matt Barnes Reacts To Derek Fisher Firing On Instagram But Fans Expected So Much More

Derek Fisher was fired as head coach of the New York Knicks on Monday. One of the first thoughts in many fans’ heads after hearing the not-so-shocking news centered around how Matt Barnes might react to hear the news of Fisher’s firing. Matt Barnes did respond on Instagram within an hour of hearing the news, but it wasn’t nearly as explosive or epic as anyone would have expected from the Memphis Grizzlies forward.

The New York Daily News claimed Matt Barnes’ Instagram response to Derek Fisher’s firing was “cold-blooded.” It’s just not clear what was “cold-blooded” about posting a picture of himself on Instagram. Is it the look on Matt Barnes face? Or maybe it was the lack of a caption on the photo. More likely, Barnes response via social media was puzzling. Many fans thought Matt Barnes might be singing and dancing after hearing the news that his biggest enemy just lost his job. Then again, maybe he was singing and dancing but opted for a more subtle response in public.

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Barnes was accused of throwing shade by TMZ. They thought Matt Barnes Instagram photo was a simple act of trolling Derek Fisher. How so, though? Fisher was not tagged in the picture nor was the caption directed at Derek Fisher or the now open head coaching position for the New York Knicks.

Matt Barnes may be reveling in the news that Derek Fisher was fired, though. Barnes and Fisher used to be teammates. As a matter of fact, they were such good friends that Matt Barnes’ kids called Derek Fisher “Uncle Derek.”

Now, the Memphis Grizzlies forward reportedly hates Derek Fisher with a passion and he’s made that very clear. Barnes and Fisher have been bitter enemies since last October, when Barnes caught Fisher at the home of his estranged wife Gloria Govan. One of Matt Barnes’ sons called him and told him “Uncle Derek” was at their house. The news made Barnes so angry that he left basketball practice and drove to Govan’s home to confront his former teammate and friend. Once Barnes arrived at Govan’s home in Los Angeles, he confirmed that Derek Fisher was in her home and punched him in the mouth before fighting with the former New York Knicks head coach.

Allegedly sleeping with your former friend and teammate’s wife isn’t punishable by the NBA, because Fisher avoided getting in trouble for having an alleged fling with Gloria Govan. Matt Barnes, on the other hand, was suspended for two games. Barnes was later fined $35k by the NBA when he commented on the situation, saying, “violence is never the answer, but sometimes it is.”

Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher will likely never be friends again. After the incident and Barnes’ punishment for punching Fisher, he said of his former friend, “Don’t say nothing to me, I don’t plan on saying nothing to him. Don’t try to shake my hand. There’s none of that. There’s nothing there. There never will be. Just stay away from me basically.”

As for Derek Fisher, he’s kept quiet about the whole incident with Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes. The only time he ever publicly spoke about it was when Fisher called the police to report Barnes for hitting him. That was the reason Barnes referred to Fisher as a snitch, among other unpleasant names.

That is why Barnes’ fans expected so much more from the Grizzlies player after hearing that Derek Fisher had been fired from the New York Knicks. Certainly, he should have plenty to say, right? Now, fans are left to wonder if Matt Barnes was banned from speaking about Derek Fisher anymore. One thing is for sure, that look on Barnes’ face in the Instagram photo is worth a thousand words.

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