Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Anthem Of The Seas Damaged In Hurricane-Like Winter Storm, Multiple Passengers Injured [Video]

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Anthem Of The Seas Damaged In Hurricane-Like Winter Storm Mars, Passengers Injured [Video]

The Royal Caribbean cruise ship Anthem Of The Seas was damaged during the recent Winter Storm Mars that blew through the Atlantic Ocean. Multiple online videos and photos show how passengers were forced to hunker down in their cabins as the rough seas tossed them to and fro, with witnesses saying they were “shaking all over.” Unfortunately, early reports indicate that multiple people were injured during their tumultuous journey, although no one died.

The Washington Post reported that the Royal Caribbean captain “inexplicably” decided to take the Anthem Of The Seas straight into the heart of the hurricane-like winter storm. On Sunday, the winter hurricane’s wind speeds were all the way up to 100 MPH and waves rose over 30 feet, making it the equivalent of a Category 2 hurricane. Meteorologists compared Winter Storm Mars to the 2003 Hurricane Isabel, since the winter storm heavily resembled the prior storm despite being far less dangerous.

For the 4,000 passengers aboard the Royal Caribbean cruise ship, all they knew for certain that trouble was coming quickly.

“Captain tried to turn ship but waited too long,” one passenger wrote. “Captain said they are in communication with the coast guard, struggling to point ship into wind but can’t move forward. All passengers told to stay in cabins; water entered ship on upper decks, large white structure broke off top of ship, landed in pool.”

Chairs were seen tumbling over, alcohol bottles went flying, and a section of the ceiling of deck 14 collapsed. Reportedly, some Royal Caribbean passengers feared a sinking cruise ship was in their future, since the passenger noted how some people went to the muster stations, where everyone is supposed to assemble for evacuation onto the life boats.


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On Twitter, Royal Caribbean reported the Anthem Of The Seas sustained four injuries.

On Monday, the cruise ship company released a statement saying the Anthem Of The Seas would be skipping its Florida port of call and sail back to Cape Liberty, New Jersey.

“This decision was made due to weather forecasted for the next few days that is likely to impact the ship’s original itinerary,” Royal Caribbean said in the statement. “We are also sensitive to the fact that our guests have already been through an uncomfortable ride. Returning to Cape Liberty minimizes the risks of further bad weather affecting our guests’ voyage; we are optimistic that they will have a smooth sail home.”

The storm seasoned survivors of the Royal Caribbean cruise will be receiving a full refund in addition to receiving a 50 percent off certificate for future cruise vacations. On social media, some future passengers of the Anthem Of The Seas expressed concern that ship repairs not be ready in time for the coming departure. As of this publishing, the company has not stated how long the damage will take to be repaired.

[Image via Royal Caribbean]