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Target Is Selling ‘Star Wars’ Pool Toys That Look Very Much Like Sex Toys

There are sometimes things that have an appearance unlike anything at all that they are trying to look like. Then again, there are those items which appear to be innocent and simple, but then all it takes is one person to see it in a different perspective and the next thing they know, it goes viral. Such is the case with some Star Wars-themed pool toys being sold at Target that one person realized look an awful lot like sex toys.

Target has some items on its website that are called Swimways Star Wars 3D Sculpted Dive Sticks – Multicolored, and they sell for $9.99 for a set of three. That’s not a bad deal at all, and it’s best to get them now in time for them to be around when summer hits.

Seems simple enough, but how they look is causing a bit of viral controversy.

star wars pool toys sex toys target
[Image via Target]
According to Instinct Magazine, one mother was not entirely sure that these were for kids and looked more like something that an adult may purchase. She posted a couple of pictures of the toys on Target’s Facebook page, and wanted to know what they thought of them.

“Are we sure these are children’s toys, Target? Looks a little questionable to me.”

It may be needless to say, but a number of people immediately jumped on the post and began questioning what the Star Wars pool toys looked like as well. Some very interesting comments were brought forth, and then it was time for Target to jump in.

The Facebook page for the mega store actually responded to the mother, named Joni Jones, who had questioned the look of the pool toys.

“Hi Joni – We apologize for your disappointment. Occasionally, we carry merchandise that some guests may find objectionable, as was your experience. We never want to offend anyone and have shared this with our Merchandise team for review. Thanks. – Stacey”

After Target had given their answer to Joni Jones about the pool toys modeled after Star Wars The Force Awakens, the post was apparently taken down off of their Facebook site. Sure, some of the comments weren’t the cleanest, but they were humorous.

star wars sex toys pool toys target
[Image via Target]
Jones later commented to Instinct Magazine about the whole situation and said the post had been removed from Target’s Facebook page. She said that she was never offended by the pool toys that resemble sex toys, but because she found them to be funny.

“…wanted to share with fellow ADULTS who could appreciate the humor in the whole thing…”

She let it be known that she didn’t have a problem with the toys at all, and that maybe she should have included an emoticon to show she was joking around. Whatever her intentions were, it resulted in the post being shared dozens of thousands of times and starting a lot of viral conversations.

Toys have often offended many people, but mostly in unintentional ways.

Right after Christmas of 2014, there was a Play-Doh toy that began angering a lot of parents due to the fact that it was shaped like a penis. Not only were people demanding a refund, but they were venting out publicly on Play-Doh’s Facebook page and causing an uproar.

The Star Wars pool toys that resemble sex toys may have been noticed by any number of people, but one mother simply found some humor in it and questioned Target. It’s the Internet so in no time, her comments went viral and brought a lot of laughter and smiles to those wanting to use the force this summer.

[Image via LucasFilm]