Leah Messer and her girls

Leah Messer Misses Daughter’s Birthday Party, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Avoids Jeremy Calvert

Leah Messer has had a very rough year. She finalized her divorce from Jeremy Calvert and lost custody of her twins to ex-husband, Corey Simms. In recent weeks, Messer has regained joint custody of the girls and said good-bye to T.R. Dues. Now that she is officially single, she can focus on what is happening with the children and effectively co-parent with her ex-husbands. Teen Mom 2 is rumored to be taping, and Messer should be right in the thick of it.

Just recently, Leah Messer’s youngest daughter celebrated her third birthday. Messer welcomed Adalynn in 2013 with her then-husband, Jeremy Calvert. Since then, the two have worked hard to co-parent Addie. According to Wetpaint, Leah Messer was missing from Adalynn’s third birthday party. Calvert threw the Frozen-themed party, and it was a bit of a shock to not see Messer there. Speculation is the two decided to throw separate parties. Messer did share several photos from the party on her official Facebook, which makes the situation even more odd. Calvert has worked hard to co-parent effectively, especially since he travels for work a lot.

Things have been difficult for Leah Messer, but she is regaining her strength back. She went through a very difficult time and was treated in rehab for depression and anxiety. Messer’s life choices haven’t always been the best, but she is working on bettering herself. The loss of her twins to Corey Simms was the wake-up call she needed to get her life back on track. Since divorcing Jeremy Calvert last summer, Messer has been trying to make the right choices. Although there were reports she was being demanding with T.R. Dues about his kids’ mother, generally Messer seemed to be headed in the right direction. Her relationship with Dues was highly talked about, especially since the two quickly moved in together.

Despite regaining custody of her twins, Leah Messer is still being talked about. Rumors have been swirling about why she decided to end things with T.R. Dues. According to The Hollywood Gossip, Leah Messer dumped T.R. Dues in order to win joint custody with Corey Simms. Apparently, the two worked out an agreement on their own without the judge having to rule. Some speculation indicates that Messer willingly sacrificed her relationship in order to have her kids back. There have been no reports of misconduct with the children, and Adalynn was still living with Messer, but there was definitely a connection between Dues and the loss of the twins. Now that things are getting back to normal, fans are concerned there will be problems with Jeremy Calvert.

Going forward, Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert should be able to work things out. Besides Messer missing Addie’s third birthday, the twins were also non-existent. This may have just been something Calvert wanted to do on his own, for his side of the family. It isn’t uncommon for children with divorced parents to have two parties, so the speculation over why Messer was missing isn’t necessarily needed. Messer seems to be moving in the right direction, even if it is by taking baby steps.

While Teen Mom 2 is filming, there will be plenty of revelations for what has been happening with Leah Messer being in the news lately. No information has been confirmed as far as filming goes, and there is no premiere date for the show. It was confirmed that Jeremy Calvert will be filming, as will Corey Simms and his wife Miranda. Messer was dating T.R. Dues until recently, but it doesn’t look like he will be included in the show. Leah Messer has a long way to go before she can earn back the respect that she lost, but she is slowly making progress, and that is the most important thing.

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