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Lisa Rinna Gets Involved In Brandi Glanville’s Feud: Kyle Richards Silent Bystander

Lisa Rinna got to film with Brandi Glanville for one season before Glanville decided to leave The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills behind. Rinna may not have feuded with Glanville herself as much last season, but she did see how Glanville threw a glass of wine in Eileen Davidson’s face during a lunch. And from then on, Lisa knew that her co-star was unpredictable. And Rinna may have been following along, as Glanville recently published a podcast with some harsh words for Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards.

According to a new report, Lisa Rinna is now fighting back, asking her former co-star to stop slamming her current co-stars. Lisa is close friends with both Kyle and Vanderpump, and she doesn’t appreciate the harsh comments coming from Brandi.

“Shut up Brandi Glanville. Leave Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards alone. Use your podcast to educate and inspire people. Move on baby,” Lisa Rinna revealed on Twitter, tagging all three ladies in her tweet.

“Lisa, you are beige socks. Leave Brandi alone,” one follower wrote in response to the tweet, clearly siding with Brandi.

While Kyle retweeted Lisa Rinna’s tweet, Lisa Vanderpump ignored it. Glanville hasn’t replied to Rinna’s message, but one can imagine that she doesn’t see the point, as Rinna was never involved to begin with.

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Throughout this feud, Lisa hasn’t really been the target. Brandi is upset that her name still comes up during this current season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Last season, Vanderpump’s friendship with Kyle was tested, and it was often due to things that were said in Glanville’s presence. Now, she is firing back with a new segment on her podcast called “Brandi Fires Back,” according to the Daily Mail. The following quotes are from her podcast, as reported by Daily Mail.

“Those b****es are cowards,” Brandi revealed in her podcast, adding, “They’re going to talk about people that can’t defend themselves, ’cause they don’t want to talk about each other. So I’m just going to address two things that were said about me, and then I will have my side out there. So Lisavanderc*** said that the problem with me is I wanted her all to myself and I didn’t want her to be friends with anyone else so I was ruining those relationships.”

“Because she’s such a prize and I needed to be with her and I couldn’t allow her to have other friends,” the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star revealed in a sarcastic tone, adding, “And the truth be told,’ Brandi said, ‘is the b**** doesn’t like any of the other ladies! At all! She really didn’t, and she didn’t want to be friends with them but she needed a side-kick and that was me. She hates Kyle, she hates Faye, she hates- she didn’t like Kim, she dismissed her, she didn’t like Yolanda. So yeah b****, that wasn’t the case. The case is you don’t like anyone and you needed a side-kick and that was me, because I thought you were all things amazing and now I realize that you’re not.”

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Lisa Rinna may be shocked at the comments, especially because she filmed the show last season with all of the ladies and didn’t necessarily pick up on these things. Rinna did feel bad about her arguments with Kim Richards over her sobriety and this season, she’s not exactly best friends with Yolanda Foster. Rinna could have been an easy target to pick up, and she may not be off limits in a future episode of Glanville’s podcast. Regardless, Lisa isn’t a big fan of the comments that her former co-star is firing off in her podcast.

What do you think of Lisa Rinna getting involved in the drama? Do you think it’s admirable that she’s defending her friends, or do you think she needs to back down as she’s not involved?

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