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Olivia Caridi’s ‘Bachelor’ Future Looks Bleak: Does Ben Higgins Eliminate This ‘Villain’ In Episode 6?

Olivia Caridi has been the primary “villain” for ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season with Ben Higgins, and it seems she will be a central figure in Episode 6 airing on Monday, February 8. The last that viewers saw, Ben had asked to pull Olivia aside at the rose ceremony, and many thought that he might take away her rose and send her home. The network is teasing that this is a jaw-dropping episode full of blindsides, so fans are anxious for Bachelor spoilers detailing what happens next with Caridi.

As People teases, this is the episode that viewers have been waiting for, as Olivia Caridi’s antics may finally catch up with her. Episode 5 ended on a cliffhanger as Ben Higgins pulled Olivia away to talk to her, despite the fact that she already had a rose. It seems he will talk to her about what the other bachelorettes have said to him, but will he really cut Caridi loose at this point?

According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, those hoping to see Caridi head home at this point will be left disappointed. Everybody will have to tune in to see just how this conversation goes, but Higgins keeps Olivia, and surely the other bachelorettes will be left disappointed and stunned on this front. Rather than eliminate Caridi, Steve’s Bachelor spoilers detail that Jen Saviano will be sent home.

Many of the previews for Monday’s show were careful to edit out Olivia for anything related to Episode 6. However, a photo shared via the show’s Twitter page confirmed that Caridi makes it to the Bahamas and that Saviano is sent home.

As Episode 6 continues, Olivia and the other eight bachelorettes will accompany Ben to the Bahamas. Reality Steve’s spoilers share that Caila Quinn gets an individual date, and Bachelor spoilers have indicated that there will be some emotional revelations coming from the time that she spends with Higgins. Ultimately, Quinn is said to get a rose on this outing.

The group date is definitely going to have people buzzing, as it involves an activity that is a first for the franchise. The Bachelor spoilers tease that six of the ladies, Lauren Bushnell, Amanda Stanton, Leah Block, Becca Tilley, Lauren Himle, and JoJo Fletcher, will head to a spa with Higgins. However, they are joined by some additional guests, and this may make viewers squirm.

The Bachelor spoilers via the show’s Twitter page share the preview related to this group date, and this one will definitely have people talking. Ben and the ladies will be swimming with pigs, and there is apparently a lot of screaming during this bizarre outing. Despite the uncertainty of some ladies in this excursion, Higgins seems to have a blast, and some of the ladies warm up to the opportunity to hang out with a bunch of pigs. According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, Amanda gets the group date rose this time around.

Episode 6 also brings the two-on-one date, and this is where Olivia comes into play again. Because Emily Ferguson has been so agitated and outspoken about Caridi, it seems a given that the show would throw these two bachelorettes on this date together. The Bachelor spoilers tease that Olivia will begin this one being a bit overconfident while Emily may struggle a bit.

Tell us how you really feel, Emily!

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Reality Steve’s spoilers detail that Ben, Emily, and Olivia will head to a private island for their two-on-one date, and both ladies get some alone time with Higgins. For those rooting to see Caridi head home, Bachelor spoilers indicate that this is finally going to bring that moment. Ben reportedly keeps Emily and eliminates Olivia, a move that will surely bring a joyous reaction from the other ladies when Caridi’s bags are taken out of the hotel.

Leah hasn’t had a lot of airtime in Season 20, and she will be sneaking out to confront Ben about that very issue. Reality Steve’s spoilers share that she will express her frustration that she has yet to have a one-on-one date while Caila has now had two. She may be hoping to get some support and reassurances from Higgins during this chat, but instead, she apparently gets eliminated. This move may send a few shockwaves throughout the other ladies.

There is said to be no cocktail party in Episode 6, as Ben seems to know just what he needs to do. In addition to eliminating Leah Block and Olivia Caridi ahead of the rose ceremony, Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that Lauren Himle is sent packing as well. Fans are loving this season and cannot wait until the rest of ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season plays out so everybody can find out for certain which lady snags Ben Higgins’ final rose. Which bachelorette are you rooting for in Season 20?

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