Netflix Picks up Adolf Hitler Mock Comedy Film ‘Look Who’s Back’

Netflix Picks Up Adolf Hitler Mock Comedy Film ‘Look Who’s Back’

Netflix is now bringing back Adolf Hitler in what is considered to be a mock comedy style of filming for its original movies. The streaming network has made huge strides in the market with shows of all genres, which includes drama, horror, comedy, and documentaries. They even have a special assortment of original children’s programming available to their subscribers all around the world. Now, Netflix is looking to add to its film library.

According to Deadline, Netflix has picked up the Hitler comedy titled Look Who’s Back. It’s a fictional take on the infamous dictator who has gone down in history as potentially one of the evilest men to ever walk the Earth. The comedy film could indeed come with its own controversy, considering that so many people have suffered such innumerable losses at his command.

The new Netflix film is a controversial take on Hitler. It features the man waking up in the same place where he was reported to have died following his own suicide nearly seven decades ago. That same place in Germany today is a residential area just outside of Berlin.

Hitler is still the same person he was when he died, but he is incognito and must maintain a false appearance, although no one would really suspect it to be him. The Netflix film proceeds through the storyline with him actually making gains, against all odds, and securing a life as a comedian on TV. This actually came by chance, when he was mistaken for an actual comedian that exists in the movie.

As with most Netflix films, the content of the Hitler character will remain the same, with his same ill intentions and negative views on a multi-cultural society that led to his horrendous Third Reich and subsequent Holocaust.

Netflix has never been one to shy away from a little controversy in its offerings to subscribers, both domestic and abroad. The comedy film first ran in Germany back in October, and the movie has received enough critical and commercial success to lure Netflix in and make it a global offering. It has already grossed $22 million in Germany alone.

With the exception of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Japan, and Taiwan, Netflix has the rights to release it in all territories outside of the U.S. That includes theaters as well as the streaming buffet Netflix offers.

The Netflix film is based on a book of the same name by Timur Vermes. It was an instant hit when it was released, reaching No. 1 on the New York Times bestseller list as well as No. 1 on the Der Spiegel list.

Fans and subscribers of Netflix originals in TV and film should know that this movie, although it is considered incredibly funny, is a foreign language film and will be subtitled.

For those who enjoyed Borat, then you should also know that Look Who’s Back was produced using the same formula as that movie. For those who are not familiar with Borat, the film is basically a documentary style of filmmaking that features the eccentric character, which will be Hitler, as he navigates his way through modern society. In Borat, that character made his way through America from his home country, which was portrayed as a third-world economy that is not used to the many offerings that a developed nation currently enjoys.

In the case of Hitler on the Netflix film, the character is unfamiliar with the modern era and will have some controversial and hilarious run-ins with unsuspecting citizens of the country and era.

Netflix is planning on rolling out the film on April 9 this year. The rollout will be in all of the Netflix territories, with the exception of those listed above. Netflix has recently expanded to 130 countries worldwide and is in negotiations to enter China.

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