Jim Gaffigan: So Much To Do So Little Time

Jim Gaffigan: So Much To Do, So Little Time

Jim Gaffigan has taken over as Colonel Sanders as of last night’s Super Bowl game. According to HNGN,This is the third “new” Colonel Sanders since 2015. Before Gaffigan, there was Darrell Hammond, and Norm MacDonald after him. While Hammond was not very popular with the audience, MacDonald did a good job. Gaffigan, though, has the popularity KFC needs to keep their image in the consumer’s sight in the fiercely competitive fast food industry. By making Gaffigan the new Colonel, KFC is putting a younger feel to their restaurant and making themselves more appealing to the general public. KFC made a great decision here, and clearly knew what they were doing. Jim shared the commercial to his Twitter.

Jim Gaffigan: So Much To Do So Little Time
Jim Gaffigan has a lot on his plate and is able to smile through all of it.
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Not only is Jim Gaffigan taking on this role, but he is also voicing a character in Duck Duck Goose, an animated feature by Original Force Animation. According to the Wrap, Gaffigan will be playing one of the main roles as a goose who is taking care of two young ducklings who were saved from a cat. Peng the goose and his best friend, who is a turtle, will experience life and the world with the little ducklings, and they will have many adventures throughout the feature. The movie is perfect for his comedic personality, and will be one you’ll want to see as Carl Reiner, Stephen Fry, and Jennifer Grey will also be featured in the film. Gaffigan will, of course, continue his work on the Jim Gaffigan Show and will appear in another new feature, Drunk Parents and The Bleeder, according to Deadline. Jim has a lot on his plate, and obviously works hard to accomplish his goals and his great career pays testament to that.

In addition to his acting career, Jim Gaffigan is also continuing his favorite job — his comedy act. This summer, he will be going on tour. However, he has not yet released the tour dates (other than Mashantucket, Connecticut) on his webpage. While there’s still time to plan out the dates, one might wonder if Gaffigan has stretched himself too thin? Hopefully, he has enough people helping him out that he will be able to continue to do all the things he loves and still plan everything out properly.

Jim Gaffigan: So Much To Do So Little Time
Jim Gaffigan has had many shows and the public is anxiously awaiting the dates of his new tour.
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Jim Gaffigan is a hard-working comedian who loves to act and make people laugh. While we don’t know the dates when we’ll be able to see him live just yet, there are other ways to get the chuckles in, through the television shows and animated features he will be playing in this year. Along with his television show and his upcoming tour, Gaffigan has also written two books: Dad Is Fat and Food: A Love Story. It’s obvious from the titles that he is not only a funny guy, but he is also able to laugh at himself and see humor in the little things. Gaffigan is 49-years-old and going strong. He will have many adventures as he goes through his second half of life, and we can be assured it will be worth watching as he continues to make everyone laugh and puts a smile on all our faces.

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