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Louis Tomlinson ‘Engaged’ Rumors Are Circulating: Stand By For The Break-Up

Louis Tomlinson is engaged to his rumored girlfriend, Danielle Campbell, according to several news outlets today. One Direction star Louis has been linked with Campbell since early December, and to date, their “romance” has followed a long-established pattern. Fans of Tomlinson and One Direction will be all too familiar with the established pattern of “winter girlfriend” romances. Each December, the media go crazy with stories linking a member of One Direction with an established star, a Victoria’s Secret model, or an up-and-coming starlet. As a rule, the stories usually feature Tomlinson’s bandmate Harry Styles, but this year, we have seen a break with tradition.

Rather than rumors about a new Styles romance, this year’s stories have featured Louis and Niall Horan. Niall was linked with singer and former Disney star Selena Gomez, while Louis has been linked with Danielle Campbell.

A key feature of the winter girlfriend saga is the “milkshake date.” No One Direction romance rumor is complete without the obligatory story that the happy couple were pictured sharing a milkshake or an ice cream. Sure enough, on December 8, Tomlinson obliged when the Mirror reported that Louis was “cosying up to” Danielle at Hollywood hotspot Millions of Milkshakes. Who knew that a milkshake parlor was a “Hollywood hotspot”?

When Tomlinson headed back to the U.K. for the Christmas holidays, the media was thrown into confusion. They really didn’t know which way to turn between reporting Louis romance with Danielle or Tomlinson’s impending fatherhood. In the end, they plumbed for both. As reported by the Inquisitr, outlets often changed the narrative on Tomlinson several times on the same day.

What we did see were pictures of Danielle and Louis emerging from London night spots. The Sun’s Dan Wootton even treated us to a totally untrue story that Louis had been “kicked out” of a London comedy club. Ironically, Wootton even mentions in his own article that one of Louis’ pals was asked to leave and Louis followed him out.

“Louis followed his pals out of the club and didn’t come back. But he did pose for snaps with members of the audience on the way out, seemingly unruffled by what happened.”

If you have ever been “kicked out” of a club, you probably realize that don’t have the opportunity to chat and pose for pictures on your way out.

As we moved into the new year, the media found the ideal way to link Tomlinson’s dating stories with the ones about his forthcoming fatherhood. Cue the stories about Louis the “love rat,” who was off enjoying himself with a woman while his pregnant baby mama was home alone about to give birth at any moment.

We saw a host of stories that Louis had whisked Danielle off for a skiing holiday in Val D’isere, France. Tomlinson fans eagerly awaited the news of Louis and Danielle kissing, and sure enough, it arrived on January 7.

In the meantime, Louis was being roasted by some of the press for “dumping” his pregnant girlfriend. Even after the reported arrival of Louis’ son, Freddie, the Danielle stories did not let up. The Inquisitr reported yesterday that some outlets were suggesting Louis was desperate for Danielle to play a part in little Freddie’s life.

Finally, today the news that many Tomlinson fans have been waiting for arrived. The Daily Star reports that “Louis is so in love with the Originals actress he has already put a ring on it and proposed to the star.”

Apparently, Danielle is “impressed by how seriously Louis is taking his role as a father and keen to take their relationship to the next level.” As Tomlinson fans are only too well aware, the “Louis in love” line is nothing new. We have already seen similar reports about other One Direction stars in the past. Normally, these stories are a precursor to the stories of heartbreak as the romance ends.

Of course, there is a difference in 2016 that may see Tomlinson break the cycle. The break-up stories usually emerge at around the time Tomlinson and One Direction headed off on their world tour. This year, there is no world tour, so maybe the Louis and Danielle romance will rumble on a little longer, but you would get long odds from Louis fans on the relationship lasting to Easter.

Many of Tomlinson’s fans believe that the winter girlfriend stories are a way of keeping Louis’ name in the papers between tours and are shocked that the same formula seems to be repeated year after year. Sadly, the sexualization of Tomlinson and his bandmates is just a means to sell records and merchandise. Earlier today, the Inquisitr reported on how Steve Brookstein, the first ever X-Factor winner, was sold to the public in the same way and how you can draw so many parallels between Brooksteins experiences and One Directions.

Tomlinson’s fans are desperate for Louis to break away from the current One Direction management team as Harry Styles has done. One Direction’s hiatus offers a golden opportunity for Tomlinson to break free of the garbage he is subjected to. Louis fans are praying that he will grasp that opportunity.

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