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‘Teen Mom 2’ Leah Messer Shares New Photo Amid T.R. Dues Split Rumors

Leah Messer appears to be enjoying life as a single mom after splitting from boyfriend T.R. Dues sometime earlier this year. Although the Teen Mom 2 star has yet to officially confirm she and Dues are no longer an item, she hasn’t tweeted to him or mentioned him in weeks, and he recently claimed they rarely see one another.

On February 7, International Business Times claimed thing between Leah Messer and her children, Ali and Aleeah, 6, and Adalynn, 3, seem normal, while rumors of a breakup between her and Dues continue to swirl. As the site revealed, Leah Messer posted an odd tweet to fans last week, labeling herself as a “single” mom, and stating that she wouldn’t have it any other way. Then, days later, her boyfriend spoke to Radar Online, claiming that despite rumors that the couple were living together, he actually doesn’t see Leah Messer very much at all.

“If [Leah Messer] says she’s single, then she’s single,” Dues told the outlet. “I just see her every now and then.”

Although Dues’ comment to Radar Online may be enough for some people to truly believe he and Leah Messer are no longer an item, others wonder whether they’ve really parted ways. After all, just weeks ago, a source told Radar Online that Leah Messer and Dues were pretending to have split so that she would appear as a more stable parent to her children.

At the time of the second report, Leah Messer was preparing to return to court in hopes of reclaiming custody of her twin girls with Corey Simms, Ali and Aleeah, which she ultimately did.

As In Touch Weekly revealed in October of last year, Simms was awarded primary custody of the girls during a hearing last year due to Leah Messer’s alleged failure to get them to school in a timely manner, which she denied. Then, in late January, Leah Messer and Simms returned to court, where the judge reversed his ruling, allowing Messer to have her children from Thursday until Sunday, while Simms will care for them for the remainder of the week.

“[Leah Messer] is doing great,” a source told Us Weekly after the mother of three’s latest hearing. “She had confidence that she would be proven right and get her custody rights back.”

A source close to Simms said he and Leah Messer “came to an agreement that works best for the girls,” and agreed to “split the bills 50-50.”

“[Leah Messer] proved in court that the kids were not tardy to school, so the judge said there was no reason the kids shouldn’t be with their mom predominantly,” the insider added.

Leah Messer and Dues reportedly began dating last year, following her split from Jeremy Calvert. In October, 2014, Calvert accused Leah Messer of cheating on him with her ex-boyfriend and announced plans for divorce, and in June, 2015, the couple’s split was finalized. A short time later, Leah Messer and Dues were said to be living together, but didn’t confirm the news until late last year, when they shared matching photos of the inside of their home on Facebook.

Throughout filming on the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2, Leah Messer and Dues were believed to be dating, but because Leah Messer chose to leave him out of Season 6, it’s hard to say whether or not fans will see him when the show returns — regardless of the relationship they may have.

For more Leah Messer, be sure to tune into Teen Mom 2 Season 7, which is expected to air later this year on MTV.

[Photo via Leah Messer/Facebook]