Miley Cyrus Toning Down Her Wild Child Ways For Liam Hemsworth

It looks like Miley Cyrus is ready to tone down her wild child ways to make things work with Liam Hemsworth.

According to a new report by RadarOnline, Cyrus has been preparing to make some changes as she readies for her new life as Mrs. Hemsworth, which allegedly involves sporting a more demure look than the zany nearly-naked Miley we’ve come to love.

“Miley thinks that in order to keep Liam she has to tone down her image and she has been doing just that,” a source allegedly revealed to RadarOnline of the former Hannah Montana star, who has rekindled her romance with Liam over the past few months.

But while it appears that racy Miley Cyrus certainly hasn’t completely gone away just yet, there’s no doubting that Cyrus has in fact been appearing online wearing a few more stitches than we’re used to in recent weeks.

On February 3, Cyrus posted what is probably one of her most clothed social media photos to date in which she sported a grey sweatshirt and a playful elephant baseball cap. Miley appeared to still be wearing her engagement ring in the photo and was also holding a mug that read “Best Day Ever.”


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Miley also showed off her kimono in another fully-clothed snap on January 31, which she captioned “Mood as hell.”

But while it appears that Miley is looking to tone things down a little now that she’s reunited with Liam, an insider also supposedly told RadarOnline that Cyrus’s closest friends and family are worried that she’s changing too much for Hemsworth and “forcing” their rekindled romance.

“Some people around her think Miley is forcing this relationship way too hard and it is not going to last. Liam’s head is not in this as much as hers is right now,” the source confessed to the site. “Miley is just proving herself to be a fake more than ever, to him and to her fans.”

The insider’s claims come just days after rumors surfaced that Miley and Liam were already heading for a split after RadarOnline previously claimed that Cyrus and her fiancée are “having serious drama” as they start wedding planning.

Confessing that Miley “is trying so hard to make this wedding and engagement happen,” the site also revealed last month that “Liam is acting like he is already over” their engagement and upcoming walk down the aisle.

“He cannot handle [Miley’s] drama and he wants her to just slow her roll on the entire thing,” the insider alleged in January, adding that Miley “just wants to race to this wedding” and is so desperate to become Liam’s wife that she “would get married to [Liam] today if she could.”

Dope a$$ pic by @toddpendu ????❤️????

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But despite RadarOnline’s claims that Miley is looking to strip back her wild ways, it looks like her attempts at demurring her appearance haven’t yet completely taken over her ever risqué social media pages.

On February 6, Cyrus took to Instagram to show off another nearly naked black and white snap of herself from a recent photo shoot, where she appeared topless and spread across the floor covered in glitter. “Dope a$$ pic by @toddpendu,” Miley captioned the nearly nude photo, which has already received more than 300,000 likes on the photo-sharing site.

Cyrus also posted a more covered-up shot but still salacious photo of herself on the site that same day, wearing a white T-shirt with fried eggs covering her chest that read “Eat your heart out Raquel Welch.” Cyrus also showed off her beauty regime in the photo, writing in the caption “Zit cream & Raquel.”

Do you think Miley Cyrus is ready to “tone down” for Liam Hemsworth?

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