Brandi Glanville lets loose on her podcats.

Brandi Glanville Slams ‘RHOBH’ Lisa Vanderpump & Kyle Richards, Blames ‘Real Housewives’ Star For Kim Richards Feud

Has Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills become Real Mean Girls of Beverly Hills? That’s apparently how Brandi Glanville feels, because she used her platform of the Brandi Glanville Unfiltered podcast to attack two other RHOBH stars, Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump, reported Us Weekly.

Brandi introduced a new segment with “Brandi Fires Back,” and the 43-year-old didn’t hesitate to let loose by blasting her views on Kyle and Lisa.

“Those b***hes are cowards,” attacked Glanville. “They’re going to talk about people who can’t defend themselves because they don’t want to talk about each other. So I’m going to address two things that were said about me and then I will have my side out there and they can flock off.”

Brandi Glanville dishes on other "Real Housewives" stars.
Brandi Glanville dishes on other “Real Housewives” stars. [Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images]
In terms of Brandi’s role on RHOBH, she revealed her intentions to exit in June last year. However, in autumn, she did film some scenes for the sixth season of the reality TV hit. Despite those taping sessions, Glanville is not a full-time member of the cast at this time.

As for her views on Vanderpump and Richards, Brandi began by slamming Kyle for her claim that Glanville was the one responsible for the feud and fight between Kyle and Kim Richards.

“Kyle went on to say that I was the catalyst that ripped her and Kim [Richards] apart,” accused Glanville.

The reference focused on the battle during season two between Kyle and Kim, which turned into a feud. However, Brandi went on to insist that Kyle seems to be the one who should be blamed for any problems between the sisters. As evidence, Kim’s ex-husband Monty Brinson recently died, and Brandi accused Kyle of not attending the memorial of her sister’s deceased spouse.

“Yet I was at Monty [Brinson]’s memorial yesterday, and she was not there,” alleged Glanville.

Brandi Glanville blasts co-stars.
Brandi Glanville blasts co-stars. [Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]
Monty passed away late last month. He was 58, and had struggled with cancer for a long time.

“I do want to say, rest in peace, Monty,” added Brandi in a moment of kindness. “He had a lovely service yesterday. He was loved by so many. I cried so much. Everyone in that room loved him a lot, and he will be missed.”

With Kyle accused of hurting her sister Kim by not attending Monty’s memorial service, Glanville proceeded to attack Lisa Vanderpump.

“Lisa Vanderc**t said that the problem with me is I wanted her all to myself and I didn’t want to be friends with anyone else, so I was ruining those relationships, because she’s such a prize and I needed to be with her and I couldn’t allow her to have other friends,” ranted Brandi.

However, according to Glanville, Lisa actually does not have any preferences for any of the other women. Instead, Vanderpump tapped Brandi to play the role of sidekick, claims the RHOBH star.

“Truth be told is the bitch doesn’t like any of the other ladies at all. She really didn’t. She didn’t want to be friends with them, but she needed a sidekick, and that was me,” complained Glanville. “I thought you were all things amazing and now I realize that you’re not.”

Other bombshells dropped by Brandi during her podcast had to do with Snoop Dogg. Glanville says that they’ve become pals. The two co-starred on the debut of Kocktails With Khloe, and Brandi alleges that she and Snoop Dogg even smoked pot as pals.

As for the truth about those claims? A source told ET that despite what Glanville said, Kyle did attend the memorial service for her sister Kim’s ex-husband. Kim and Monty’s marriage lasted for three years, and they stayed close even after they broke up.

But Brandi took the attitude that it was she who played the role of Kim’s friend rather than her sister, Kyle.

“I am Kim’s friend. They have always had family problems, and they continue to, and it has nothing to do with me — not anything!” defended Glanville against the comments Kyle had made about Brandi as the catalyst for the sisters’ fight.

Brandi threw some more shade at Richards about the gig that Kyle will have on Celebrity Apprentice.

“I do think that Kyle will do really well on the show, because she is a really good liar, and she’s very manipulative, and she has a lot of friends with a lot of money,” snarked Glanville. “When we were friends, when I was on Apprentice and called her for money, she did not donate. Just saying.”

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