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WWE News: WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan Expected For WWE RAW Tonight, Will Make Major Announcement

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan has found himself in the press a lot this past weekend. He was just featured in a big Tide commercial, which is going off of the “small but efficient” ideology when it comes to doing your laundry. You don’t need a lot, and a little pod can do the job. While the same thing was told to you by your mother before going off to college, the cool thing here is that Daniel Bryan was part of an advertising campaign along with other athletes like Danica Patrick.

We also saw pictures surface online of a well groomed Daniel Bryan, which was shocking to see. Many fans feel this was quite ominous, as the long hair and hobo-like beard were considered staples of Bryan’s character with WWE. Now he grooms up? What is up with that? We now have a bit of information. Bryan was seen heading out from the Phoenix, Arizona airport on Sunday afternoon. This could only mean one thing.

According to Daily Wrestling News, Daniel Bryan is supposed to be appearing on WWE RAW tonight. The former WWE World Champion will appear before his home crowd as WWE RAW emanates from Seattle, Washington. This would be the first time Daniel Bryan would be featured in a while. WWE has seemingly tried to keep him off television at all costs, but many also assume that was on Bryan more than WWE.

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WWE has been pushing for Bryan to take a non-wrestling role. They have pitched the idea of other roles in the company from an announcing job to even an authoritarian role of some kind, where he could still work on TV, but not wrestle. There are other ideas being thrown out as a well, such as training talent at the WWE Performance Center. However, rumor has it that Bryan has turned down all roles that will not allow him to wrestle for the WWE fans.

The idea for Bryan returning right now is two-fold. Many believe WWE is doing this to help ratings, as Bryan clearly was a huge star for them and happens to be a ratings helper. Many assume he will not be wrestling tonight, as he will be doing a segment of some kind. However, the rumor has been that Bryan has refused to come back to television for anything non-wrestling oriented.

While Bryan’s appearance will generate some buzz heading into WWE Fast Lane in a few weeks, he is by no means into the idea of coming in for one-off material according to many sources. The rumor for tonight is that Bryan will be making an announcement of some kind. It is uncertain what the announcement is regarding, however many are now assuming Bryan will announce his retirement.

Bryan has repeatedly told people that he is not done and would love to wrestle again. He has also been cleared by numerous doctors outside of WWE. Sadly, WWE doctor Joseph Maroon seems to not be willing to clear Bryan for whatever reason. Many assume WWE is hiding behind him as they limp through a concussion lawsuit. Clearly, if Bryan were to come back and get hurt yet again, it would be a massive issue for WWE. One concussion on them is bad, but another at this point could be costly.

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However, Bryan has been cleared by several others and all tests have come back positive for Bryan since being checked. All tests continue to hold up as good for him. WWE continues to see stars drop due to injury and they want WrestleMania 32 to be a big event. Clearly adding Daniel Bryan to the event would be ideal. However, it seems that they refuse to clear him, which removes him from all potential WrestleMania matches.

Bryan reportedly has two years left on his WWE contract. There have been rumors that WWE might release him, but the thought is that they would never do so. However, if he refuses to do the one thing WWE will not allow….it might be good to cut losses a bit.

In saying this, it would be doubtful that the company would release Daniel Bryan during WrestleMania season. We will have to see what the Daniel Bryan appearance means. Fans are hopeful that WWE will allow Bryan back on television as a performer once more. Right now, everything is up in the air. The only thing we do know is that Bryan will be on RAW, so it will surely be a show we cannot miss.

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