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Week-Long ‘GTA V’ Event Features Special Bonuses, Discounts On Many Online Unlocks

Fans of Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V are now familiar with the developer’s tendency to host special online events inside the game over select weekends. The team has also been known to hold GTA Online events that give players access to bonus in-game rewards and discounts over the course of an entire week, but these prolonged celebrations take place far less frequently than their weekend counterparts.

Fortunately for GTA V players, Rockstar Games has decided to surprise users with one of these longer events. The developer announced on their official Rockstar Newswire blog that gamers can take part in a limited “VIP Bonuses Week” for GTA Online, which is currently live and will continue until this Friday.

The event rewards fans with bonus payouts after completing any of the new GTA Online challenges that were introduced as port of the games’ recent “Executives and Other Criminals” DLC update. For this week, users will receive twice the normal payouts of cash and RP for successfully defending their VIP as bodyguards. The bonus also applies to a new event playlist of jobs that include several of the most newly added modes.

“All this week in GTA Online, it’s time for SecuroServ VIPs and their hardworking Bodyguards to get a payrise. Invest time in VIP Work and Challenges and the Featured Playlist from now through February 11th to double your earnings of GTA$ & RP. The quickest way to double your money this weekend is via the 12-player Double GTA$ & RP Adversary Modes Playlist accessible directly from the GTAV launch screen. A single button press will put you into a Playlist with other like-minded corporate raiders.”

For those unfamiliar with Grand Theft Auto V‘s new VIP and Bodyguard roles, The Inquisitr recently shared a series of hints and tips directly from Rockstar Games to help fans get the most out of the new features. Thanks to the “Executives and Other Criminals” update, players can now build their own criminal organizations within GTA Online by becoming a VIP. Gamers at the top will then have to hire other players as their personal bodyguards as opposing VIP gangs war with each other. To help give more users the opportunity to try their hands at being the boss, the amount of money required to become VIP has been lowered from $1 million to just $500,000 for this week only.

GTA V VIP update
This week’s GTA Online event revolves around the Executives and Other Criminals update content [Image via Rockstar Games]
In addition to earning bonus rewards from select missions, fans can also take advantage of special in-game discounts on many items within GTA Online. To help players look like true VIPs, all robes and smoking jackets are currently 10 percent off. Gamers can also now get great deals on several of GTA V‘s most expensive vehicles. The sale affects the Benefactor Turreted Limo as well as many armored versions of the game’s newest luxury cars.

GTA V yacht personalization
All yacht customizations are now on sale in GTA Online [Image via Rockstar Games]
All customization options for the new, player-owned yachts can also now be found on sale. Users can expect to see huge savings as these Super Yachts, and their personalized options, are among the most expensive items found in GTA Online.

“This week’s generous benefits package also includes plenty of discounts on the cars, helicopters and clothing featured as part of GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals, along with a huge markdown on the threshold required to start your VIP Organization. There’s also bonus GTA$ & RP this weekend in the Running Back Adversary Mode.”

The VIP event week is just that latest in a long history of special bonus celebrations in Grand Theft Auto Online. Gamers can also expect lots of new content and events in the future as the game continues to perform well. As revealed in a Kotaku report, Take-Two Interactive announced in their latest earnings call that GTA Online broke all previous records for number of active players and money earned over the recent holiday break.

Do you end up playing GTA V more when there are online events?

[Image via Rockstar Games]