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Chris Martin: Secrets Behind His Colorful Super Bowl Halftime Outfit

Chris Martin’s band Coldplay took the stage during the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday night. The band rocked a colorful look for their performance.

There was a definite theme that took place during Coldplay’s 2016 Super Bowl halftime show and it was color. There was color all over the stage and the stadium. Even Chris Martin himself was pretty colorful looking.

Fans who have been wondering about where Chris Martin got his shoes will now know that his son helped design them. According to a report via SB Nation, Martin’s shoes are the most talked about part of his colorful outfit.

But his son can’t take all the credit. He wore signature Nike Jordan Spizike shoes for his big moment on the football field.

Chris Martin
Chris Martin was exuberant and colorful at the Super Bowl. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

While his shoes made some viewers smile, his jacket hasn’t been getting rave reviews. Kenza Moller of noted that Chris Martin looked like an aging hippie during his Super Bowl halftime performance. He was dressed in a navy blue tie-dyed jacket over a white T-Shirt and black pants with tie-dye featured along the sides.

Apparently, Twitter was very vocal on how they felt about Chris Martin’s outfit, including his jacket.

Even Esquire agrees that Chris Martin looked a little child who was excited to perform at the Super Bowl for the first time.

“Were they out of LA Lights in his size? That’s about the only reason we can think of that might justify the sorta sad, very multicolored Jordan 4s that Coldplay frontman Chris Martin wore during the halftime performance at the Super Bowl 50 this evening.”

The article also noted that Coldplay’s performance at the Super Bowl halftime show was very disjointed. That’s probably because their colorful stage show was a departure from Bruno Mars and Beyonce’s dark and edgy show. Both performers wore black leather outfits with gold chains as an homage to Michael Jackson’s iconic performance at the Super Bowl in 1993. Maybe Chris Martin didn’t get the memo.

Beyonce, Chris Martin and Bruno Mars
Chris Martin looked out of place when he stood in between Beyonce and Bruno Mars.

Although Coldplay was the headliner, it was obvious that they needed some help with the Los Angeles Youth Orchestra and then Bruno Mars and Beyonce. Martin certainly looked happy to be there, but his performance didn’t sit well with fans. It’s bad enough that he was one-upped by the likes of Mars and Bey, who killed it with their respective performances.

Visually, this year’s show was not cohesive like Katy Perry’s colorful performance at last year’s Super Bowl.

“Martin has a goofball charm, but his performance paled in comparison to his co-stars’ — the cavalry that rode in to save the show. First to arrive was Bruno Mars, who, with a posse of dancers, marched on stage and invigorated the mood with ‘Uptown Funk,’ a blast of R&B/funk that recalls Prince or the Time.”

“Then, on the field, with flash pots blazing behind them, Beyonce marched in with her own troupe of dancers and performed ‘Formation,’ the oven-fresh single she released over-the weekend. It was the peak of the performance.”

The Super Bowl halftime show ended with Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and Beyonce together on stage. Chris Martin sat at the piano and played the intro to “Clocks,” which led into the ballad “Fix You,” and then the band’s new song “Up & Up.”

Then the performers smiled arm-in-arm as the orchestra performed and the crowd sang along. Then the crowd in the stadium held up colorful cards that read “Believe in Love,” which ended the show.

What are your thoughts on Chris Martin’s outfit? Did you like the Super Bowl halftime show? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photos by Matt Cowan/Getty Images]