Watch All Super Bowl 50 Commercials Online: Watch Marilyn Monroe, Lil Wayne, And All The Others

Watch Super Bowl 50 Commercials Online: Watch Marilyn Monroe, Lil Wayne, And All The Others

Viewers can watch all the Super Bowl 50 commercials online and check out which will ones be the most talked-about this year.

With advertisers dishing out big money for an ad during the biggest television event of the year, they are trying to stretch the attention as much as possible, meaning viewers will be able to watch all the Super Bowl ads online.

As always, there was already controversy surrounding some of the Super Bowl commercials. One ad for was a spoof of The Jeffersons theme song that ended up with Lil Wayne in an apartment cooking for a character playing George Washington.

As TMZ explained, the ad came under fire even several days before it came out.

“The criticism? The ad is low-key racist due to Washington’s history as a slaver, but Wayne’s camp doesn’t see it that way… at all. A source very close to him says the commercial is ‘meant to be funny and silly and not the least bit offensive.'”

“The source added it’s supposed to be comedy, and ‘people need to calm down.'” didn’t speak publicly about their Super Bowl commercial controversy, but likely won’t mind the controversy too much. Whenever there’s an ad that comes under fire for one reason or another, that usually ends up being one of the most watched and most talked about for that year.

Viewers who watch the Super Bowl 50 commercials online will see a number of others that have been generating attention, including one with comedians Key and Peele for Squarespace.

Hollywood Life hyped up the commercial.

“We’ve been giggling so hard at Keegan and Jordan’s hilarious Squarespace commercial that we can barely catch our breath! The comedy duo plays two total weirdos who made their dreams come true with the help of Squarespace. All they ever wanted was to be sports commentators, so Squarespace helped them build a website to host their very own radio show!”

Viewers who go online to watch the Super Bowl commercials are doing exactly what advertisers would hope. With the cost for a 30-second spot reaching an astronomical $5 million, advertisers will do all they can to get the most exposure for their ads.

Nielsen statistics show that about 115 million people will be watching the Super Bowl this year, but the prevalence of the Super Bowl commercial videos online adds millions of more views.

Aside from the views the commercials generate online, many rely on Twitter to help their ads go viral even more so. Having well-known celebrities — including some surprising appearances — is a huge plus, experts say.

“Celebrities help you reach even more people, in fresher, newer ways,” says Dean Evans, Hyundai’s chief marketing officer.

And viewers have big expectations. A survey from Proper Insights and Analytics (via USA Today) found that about 17.7 percent of adults say the commercials are the most important part of the Super Bowl, about half the 34.7 percent who say the game itself is the most important.

The survey found that about one in eight people see the Super Bowl ads as entertainment, USA Today reported.

Fans who want to watch the Super Bowl 50 commercials online can head over to CBS, where all the commercials will be available as well as some classic favorites. They can also check out the best Super Bowl commercials over at YouTube AdBlitz.

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