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Kylie Jenner ‘Pantless’ In New Pics, Shows Off Hip Tattoo

With Kylie Jenner, it’s almost impossible to know what her latest look will be. In a recent, stunning Elle Canada magazine photo shoot the 18-year-old reality star was almost “unrecognizable” with blonde hair, and a slimmer silhouette that made her look more like her supermodel sister Kendall Jenner. According to the Mirror, Kylie’s lipstick in a luscious dark shade and her matching dark makeup made her look older and “more grown up.”

Shortly after the images from the shoot appeared, Kylie took to Instagram on February 6 to share some completely different, and very “alluring” pics showing off her natural raven tresses. The Daily Mail reports that long dark hair wasn’t all Kylie wanted to show fans. Jenner wore only a black hooded sweatshirt and black panties in the photos, giving fans a good look at her brand new hip tattoo. Some fans weren’t certain there was actually a hip tattoo in the pic, and thought they might be imagining things. Twitter user Caroline Namazi asked, “Does Kylie had a tattoo on her butt, or am I seeing things,” she was so confused.

WIth 50 million Instagram followers now, the news of Kylie’s tattoo and the “scandalous” shots spread rapidly. The “pantless” pics showed off more than the hip tattoo. She looked “gorgeous” in the Sasha Samsonova photos, as she crouched barefoot and with the “bare minimum on her bottom half” so that her most of her butt is exposed to anyone who wants to see. The photo that offers the best view of the butt tattoo shows Jenner, age 18, “playing with her hair” as she gazes at the camera.

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In the other of Jenner’s bare-butt, barefoot tattoo shots, she appeared pensive as she “rested her cheek” on her knee and gazed away from the camera.


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Jenner’s tattoo meaning is all about keeping it real, and the tattoo spells out the word “sanity” in phonetics. According to Hollywood Life, the youngest KUWTK star needs a lot of sanity in her “crazy, hectic life,” and the hip tattoo provides her with a constant reminder to stop and think. Jenner first shared the butt tattoo back in November, but she hasn’t let fans get much of a glimpse of it since then.

Hollywood Life points out that Kylie’s choice of “heavy, smokey” eyeshadow and nude lipstick in the black and white photo series worked well and show that “her makeup game is on point.” That’s especially important to the youngest of the Kardashian clan, because Kylie’s been putting a lot of effort into building her own very hip lipstick business. She had another landmark day on February 5 when her new lipstick line sold out immediately.

Kylie and mom Kris Jenner were so excited about the quick sales of the lipstick products that they cried, and Kylie shared videos on Snapchat of the two of them. She captioned one, “We r crying!” and the other, “It’s just so exciting.”

The business, originally called Kylie’s LipKits, was recently renamed as Kylie’s Cosmetics, and there’s some speculation that Kylie’s lipstick success may be only a step on the way to full makeup supplies in the new Kylie’s Cosmetics. Will the next step be line of Kylie tattoos?

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