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‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers — Order Of Rose Ceremony Eliminations After Episode 6 Of Ben Higgins’ Season

Ben Higgins is really working his way through the 2016 season of The Bachelor on ABC. The show has already completed filming; but, for those simply watching at home, there is still around half a season left to go. After Episode 6, the number of women will be all the way down to just six after starting at 28 just a few short episodes ago. Episode 7 will bring the remaining members of the group back to the United States, and it’s time to check out the order of the rose ceremony eliminations for the remainder of this season.

Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the new season of The Bachelor starring Ben Higgins. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

Reality Steve generally has the most up-to-date info, and it’s hard to ever prove him wrong. Sure, it’s happened before, but he seems very certain in his information for Ben Higgins’ season and here are the rose ceremony eliminations for the remainder of this season from Episode 7 to the finale.

Episode 7 – Airing Feb. 15

Becca Tilley
Emily – Eliminated early in the episode

The final four for this season of The Bachelor have been determined as of the end of Episode 7, which is going to air on Feb. 15. That is when Emily is eliminated early in the episode after Ben takes her to meet his parents and he sends Becca Tilley home in the rose ceremony at the end of the show.

In September of last year, right before filming started on this season of The Bachelor, there was a bit of confusion and drama. Rumor had it that Ben Higgins had found a girlfriend and didn’t even want to do the show anymore, but his contract with ABC wouldn’t let him out of it.

There were even whispers that he was seeing Becca Tilley, already in love with her, and that he was going to choose her no matter what. Obviously, things have changed.

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With that, four women remain on the 2016 season of The Bachelor.

Episode 8 – Airing Feb. 22

Amanda Stanton is eliminated.

Stanton was eliminated even after they had a date at the private beach on Treasure Island and Ben met her daughters.

Down to three women

Episode 9 – Airing Feb. 29

Caila Quinn is eliminated.

Episode 9 will have the overnight dates in Jamaica. Ben Higgins will spend an evening with each one of the three remaining ladies. Caila simply won’t make the cut after all overnights are said and done.

Down to two women

Episode 10 – This will be the “Women Tell All” special that is going to air on March 7.

Episode 11 – Season finale from Jamaica

The finale has it down to JoJo Fletcher vs. Lauren Bushnell, and so many different reports and rumors have come out amid a ton of speculation. It’s believed that ABC did everything imaginable to keep the overall winner of the season a secret, but it just didn’t work out.

With that being said, the finale from Jamaica does have Ben Higgins picking just one of the remaining women to be his bride, and it is Lauren Bushnell.

A picture recently surfaced online that made everyone begin thinking and questioning the spoilers they had read online. Perhaps, not so much questioning the spoilers, but wondering how ABC allowed such a huge spill to happen.

the bachelor spoilers 2016 lauren bushnell ring picture
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A lot of people attempt to avoid spoilers at all cost for The Bachelor, but an image of Lauren Bushnell appearing on Instagram with a ring on her left hand made rumors run wild. TMZ found out that the pic was posted by Lauren’s friend, and it was taken months before the season finale even filmed last year.

A ring on someone’s left hand doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an engagement or wedding ring. Then again, it’s seems that Lauren Bushnell and friends were doing whatever they could to get the word out there that she is the winner, in a subtle fashion, without breaking any of ABC’s rules.

Ben Higgins has his bride-to-be in Lauren Bushnell, but there are still many out there who insist the rumors, spoilers, and tabloids are wrong. All that can be done to prove the result is to see what happens on the finale, but that’s a few weeks away. For now, the rose ceremony eliminations are known to be as reliable as any spoiler.

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