Miley Cyrus takes on "The Voice" key adviser role.

Miley Cyrus & Christina Aguilera Bond Like Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton On ‘The Voice,’ But Which Diva Dismays?

The next season of The Voice promises to hold just as much, if not more, drama than last season, which included the blossoming romance between coaches Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton. That’s because Christina Aguilera is slipping smoothly back into that coaching chair formerly owned by the No Doubt frontwoman. Christina (also known as Xtina) is already earning reports of behavior that’s not exactly getting rave reviews.

Aguilera, however, didn’t strike any discordant notes when she took to social media to show off her new friendship with Miley Cyrus, who is serving as the new key adviser for The Voice, reported Yahoo TV.

Most fun Voice day ever! @mileycyrus ????????????????

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To flaunt their fabulous looks, Cyrus and Christina went all out with makeup and twinsie hairdos, and of course, they both had to stick out their tongues to complete the twinning look. Both singers followed up with more social media posts hyping their starring roles on The Voice.

Miley will take on the role of key adviser for Season 10 of The Voice when the reality singing competition debuts on February 29. And to show off her skills, Cyrus couldn’t resist licking the button on the coach chair of Aguilera, who she referred to as Xtina.

Lickin @xtina buttonz! @nbcthevoice #keyadviser #season10

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“Lickin @xtina buttonz! @nbcthevoice #keyadviser #season10,” wrote Miley.

In past seasons, advisers have included Chris Martin of Coldplay, Taylor Swift, and Rihanna. They use their experience to supplement the coaches’ tips, helping contestants advance both on the show and in their overall goals.

Cyrus also showed off a cartoon-like drawing of herself with Aguilera, flaunting her role as key adviser.

@nbcthevoice #keyadviser #turntwithtina

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As for just how the staff and other coaches are dealing with the arrival of Aguilera, it’s not going over well, a source told Radar Online.

“The filming of the new TV spot promo with Christina was absolutely horrendous,” revealed the source.

According to the insider. Aguilera delayed in even appearing. Moreover, she allegedly exhibited diva behavior, wanting all the attention on her.

Is Christina Aguilera a diva?
Is Christina Aguilera a diva? [Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]

“[Christina] showed up late and acted like she owned the shoot. The entire thing had to be about her or else she would have flipped out,” added the source.

Rather than listen to a director or use the Voice makeup staff and hair team, Aguilera demanded that her own crew and clothes be used, according to the insider.

“Christina insisted on wearing her own wardrobe and using her own hair and make-up team. She just would not take any direction for the shoot and wanted it to center around her. And so it did.”

Although Aguilera is replacing Gwen, Stefani will play a role on The Voice as the mentor for Team Shelton. But when it comes to battling Christina, the country crooner, in addition to fellow coaches Adam Levine and Pharrell Williams, gave up on the idea of debating Aguilera about her behavior, revealed the source.

“[They] just let Christina have her way because it is much easier than arguing with her,” the source added.

So how does Aguilera compare to the No Doubt frontwoman when it comes to those who work on The Voice? The two singers are completely different.

“Filming with Christina is night and day from filming with Gwen and a lot of people are just kinda bummed that they brought her back,” admitted the insider.

Christina Aguilera ready to return to "The Voice."
Christina Aguilera ready to return to ‘The Voice.’ [Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]

As for Miley, although she bonded with Aguilera, she will be working with all the coaches, according to E! News.

Some fans of The Voice had speculated that it would be Stefani who would head back to the reality singing competition in the role of adviser. NBC presidents Bob Greenblatt and Paul Telegdy have been candid in their fondness for her.

“She’s very close to the show,” declared Greenblatt.

“We’d love to see Gwen back. She’s a great friend of this network, we love her, the audience loves her, lots of people love her,” added Telegdy.

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