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Michelle Obama Threat Investigated, MPD Officer Talks About Shooting First Lady

michelle obama threatened MPD

Michelle Obama is not usually the subject of death threats or the same level of threatening speech leveled at her husband in today’s polarized political climate, but in Washington DC, a Metropolitan police officer is being investigated by his own agency as well as the Secret Service for making disturbing comments about shooting the First Lady.

More worryingly, the officer in question has served in the past protecting First Lady Michelle Obama, and has even been a part of her motorcycle escort. The alleged threat against Mrs. Obama was made Wednesday, and while direct quotes have not been provided to the media, the officer is said to have been involved in a discussion about security threats to the first family during a conversation amongst Special Operations Division officers.

During that conversation, the officer told fellow officers that he would shoot Michelle Obama, and even pulled up a picture on his cellphone of the type of firearm he claimed he would use to carry out the threat. Immediately, the officer’s comments were reported to superiors who began investigating the threat along with the Secret Service, the First Family’s protective detail.

In the interim, the MPD officer accused of threatening Michelle Obama has been moved to desk duty while the threat is investigated. Under United States Code Title 18, Section 871, threatening the President is a class D felony, punishable by five to ten years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

malia obama

Whether or not the threat against Michelle Obama carried any real degree of danger is being assessed, and in response to press inquiry, Washington DC police spokeswoman Gwendolyn Crump commented in an email:

“We received an allegation that inappropriate comments were made. We are currently investigating the nature of those comments.”

Sources familiar with the investigation say the officer who made the remarks about Michelle Obama will likely face administrative action versus criminal charges.

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20 Responses to “Michelle Obama Threat Investigated, MPD Officer Talks About Shooting First Lady”

  1. Peter Barney

    @Leon Moore, no such word as atening. Gary, IN "stupid!" Poor cop at D.C. couldn't take the stress of the retarded Obama's. First lady disbarred legal ho manic!

  2. Steve Gimmemymule Bradshaw

    administrative leave? he made a verbal threat to her……and they put street people in jail for begging for change!

  3. Anonymous

    Lock his dumb ass up! The obama's are a model family to be admired. Only a jackass would make such a comment.

  4. Anonymous

    Model family & admired….I think not! I know how they both treat the people that protect them. It is not well!

  5. Jordan Maynard

    wow even when you threaten the first family if your a cop you get your hand slapped? shades of Rodney King. He needs to face the same punishment a civilian would JAIL.

  6. AnnaBelle Davis

    The good people of this world will always out weigh the bad. you were not born to be a racist people the are taught to hate. you don't have to do anything to people they can hate you or dislike you for the stupid reasons. remember people this world was built with all nationalities grow up. this world is all the people not just one race could not have done it without us. Racism should be banned that is not freedom of speech is respect to all people not racism viewpoints yes but, not racism. May God Bless America united we stand and divided we fall. President Obama and his family have not hurt anyone claim your own stones bear what you have done to yourself and not blame this President for your mishaps, and people who think they are guaranteed a job or house forever wake up! who promised anyone forever not God we need peace in this world not ignorance. God bless you all if you believe in god, for those who don't still god bless you>!

  7. Jean Baggett

    i can assure you there is more racism toward the whites by the blacks. it is called reverse racism and it is so rampid it is sickening. racism is all you here but you bet it is just not like some people would like you to believe…i personally think the obamas and biden are all 3 arrogant good for nothing but dividing our nation…but i figure God will take care of that if we can survive 4 more years of them

  8. Oche Pritchard

    I say 5 to 10 years automatic prison sentance, becuase of his access to the first lady… who knows what the numskull would've eventually do…

  9. Marion Cain

    Fastal33…I'm with Iorwa, then they need to lock you up with his dumb ass!! Stupid

  10. Ricci Logan

    shame people forgot the things this president has done that has caused harm including death to others …..need i mention fast and furious or benghazi……before saying he has hurt no one you might want to remember all the things not just selected items

  11. Lynn Long

    Model families don't lie. the Obama's are not a model family. Don't let the smiles fool you. When the mic is off Obama says terrible things about the American public. The Obama's are wolves in sheep's clothing. They are anti-American. He won't say prayers, or salute the american flag. he's killed american jobs. He bows to the enemy. He's sold us out. We are stuck with him for four more years and there is nothing we can do about it.

  12. Lynn Long

    STOP PLAYING THE RACE CARD ! Just because we don't like Obama, or disagree with him doesn't make us racist. I didn't like or agree with things that Clinton, Bush, and Bush Jr. did either. So stop playing the race card, that's a cop out OF WHAT THE REAL ISSUE IS.

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