Brooklyn Beckham landed his first job as photographer for Burberry at only 16.

Brooklyn Beckham Slammed Over Burberry Gig: Does He Deserve More Credit?

Brooklyn Beckham, 16, landed his first job as photographer on Burberry’s latest fragrance campaign, which he started shooting on Saturday in London.

David and Victoria’s eldest offspring announced the news to his 5.9m Instagram followers on Friday, alongside tips on how to follow the campaign live on social media via the hashtag #THISISBRIT.

David and Victoria's 16 year old has landed his first job as photographer for Burberry.
Brooklyn Beckham announces his Burberry gig on Instagram. [Photo via Instagram/Brooklyn Beckham]
The decision of the fashion brand to hire the inexperienced Brooklyn Beckham has angered many professional photographers, as reported by The Guardian.

Burberry and the Beckhams have been professionally involved before, not only through Victoria sporting the brand on her outings, but also when their second son, Romeo, made his modelling debut with Burberry in 2012, as reported in Vogue.

For fashion photographer Chris Floyd and many others, Brooklyn Beckham’s deal with Burberry not only devalues and disrespects the hard work needed to succeed as a professional, but it “goes against everything his parents represent.”

Burberry’s decision may just be a strategic one, as Brooklyn brings with him millions of followers and the opportunity for the fashion brand to gain the attention of the younger generation. For that reason, it’s a good marketing move.

Other pros like Jon Gorrigan are commenting to say the young Beckham will have the shoots set up and prepared for him. “all Brooklyn [will have] to do was click the button,” as he won’t know how to set up the lighting or arrange the make up.

Brooklyn Beckham lands first job as photographer for Burberry.
Critics say Brooklyn Beckham’s deal with Burberry is borne out of nepotism, not talent. [Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Glamour]
It’s not all been bad press for Brooklyn, who was obviously defended by Burberry’s chief creative and chief executive officer Christopher Bailey.

“Brooklyn has a really great eye for image and Instagram works brilliantly for him as a platform to showcase his work. His style and attitude were exactly what we wanted to capture the spirit of this new fragrance campaign.”

Still, it’s understandably infuriating for professionals who’ve had to work hard over many years to see an inexperienced teenager get handed such a coveted gig on a silver platter. His name sells, there’s no question about it. Burberry would not likely employ a 16-year-old unknown to conduct their latest fragrance photo shoot.

Does the kid actually have any talent?

According to his Instagram feed and previous interviews he’s given, it’s pretty obvious photography is more than just a hobby for Brooklyn Beckham, which may surprise those who expected him to go down the professional soccer lane.

Brooklyn Beckham debuts as fashion photographer for Burberry.
Brooklyn shares some Polaroids from his first Burberry photo shoot. [Photo via Instagram/Brooklyn Beckham]
Speaking to Vogue in October, Brooklyn said he loved soccer, but was “also very passionate about photography and film.” It’s been reported the youngster declined a few roles as actor to privilege a career behind the lens.

In previous interviews, famous dad David Beckham had expressed how important it was for him that his kids have a passion. He said he never became a soccer player for the money but for his love of the game, and that he would support his children through any passion they may have in the future.

Options must be pretty open when you’re the kid of one of the most famous couples in the world. Posh and Becks, who will soon celebrate 20 years together, have both excelled in their careers and they have made a name for themselves, sometimes against all expectations.

Brooklyn says photography is his passion and that could be his future career choice.
The eldest Beckham son has been sharing his photography on Instagram. [Photo via Instagram/Brooklyn Beckham]
In many ways, they are trying to keep their children’s heads on their shoulders. Brooklyn had a weekend job in a café for years, and both David and Victoria keep strict rules over their children’s upbringing. As Inquisitr reported previously, Brooklyn used to be chaperoned on dates and needs his parents’ approval before he posts on his social media pages.

What do you say? Is Brooklyn getting such a job purely nepotism, or does he actually deserve it?

[Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images]