Kailyn Lowry before her procedures

Kailyn Lowry More Worried About Product Endorsement Deal, Could Cause Issues With Plastic Surgery Recovery

Kailyn Lowry recently underwent a few cosmetic procedures to enhance her body. The Teen Mom 2 star decided to have work done with the famous Dr. Miami. While Lowry was undergoing the procedures, it was being filmed live on Snapchat. Speculation was that she would look totally different, but Lowry still very much looks like herself. She has become more defined, and she has a more curvaceous figure. Lowry’s husband has been supportive of her endeavor, though some of her franchise co-stars have not.

Besides starring on Teen Mom 2, Kailyn Lowry has several other outlets that provide income. She is an author, and she also sells her image for endorsements. One of the products she endorses for a paycheck is causing some concern. According to Radar Online, Kailyn Lowry is endangering her recovery by wearing a corset. The Teen Mom 2 star posted a photo of herself in the corset for waist-training. In fact, Dr. Miami even commented about the photo being a potential hazard. He did clarify that he has spoken with Lowry, and she maintains that she is not wearing it too tight. If she does, her skin could scar and there could be some other damages.

Now that Kailyn Lowry has joined the Teen Mom plastic surgery club, she is getting a little bit of criticism from some of her co-stars. Farrah Abraham is known for her extensive enhancements, and Jenelle Evans is rumored to have put some fillers into her lips. Ironically, Lowry was shaded by Evans on Twitter regarding her decision to get any procedures done. Evans had consulted with Dr. Miami recently about a chin procedure, but decided against it. In her comments about not going through with the surgery, she dissed Lowry. That didn’t go over well, and Lowry responded to Evans in a direct manner. Since then, Evans has blocked Lowry on social media. While the two were never close, it certainly will be awkward when the two come into contact if they both decide to film Teen Mom 2.

It hasn’t been long since Kailyn Lowry had the procedures done, and she is still healing. Since the announcement broke about Lowry’s choice, she has been under heavy scrutiny. According to TMZ, Kailyn Lowry was photographed eating french fries just days after surgery. There were several comments about the Teen Mom 2 star “binging” after sucking fat out of her body and putting it in her butt. While not everyone is going to be supportive, Lowry’s husband has bashed those talking about his wife. He is standing by her completely, and likes her new look.

As the weeks progress, more of Kailyn Lowry’s pictures will likely be shown. Fans have been impressed with the before and after photos in the media thus far. While Lowry may need the added source of income, she could be damaging her body more than she knows. The corset she is endorsing could end up giving her blisters or permanent scarring if she isn’t careful. It appears Lowry knows she needs to keep things into perspective and insists she’s not overdoing anything. Dr. Miami has talked reportedly spoken with her, and it looks like they may be on the same page now.

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Kailyn Lowry has been upfront and honest about her procedures. She is proud of what she has accomplished and how far she has come. Lowry wasn’t always in the best frame of mind, but she has grown since her days on 16 & Pregnant prior to Teen Mom 2. Kailyn Lowry may be one of the most real people from the franchise, and has remained that way through it all.

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