Angelique Kerber Pictures: Instagram, Facebook Reveals More Intimate Side Of 2016 Australian Open Winner, Hint At Long-Term Partner

Angelique Kerber Pictures: Instagram, Facebook Reveals More Intimate Side Of 2016 Australian Open Winner, Hints At Long-Term Partner

Angelique Kerber shocked the world on Saturday, and pictures from Instagram and Facebook are revealing a different side of the otherwise quiet and little known German player — including revealing the possibility of a long-term partner.

Kerber shocked Serena Williams on Saturday to win her first-ever Grand Slam title. It was actually the first time Kerber had advanced to a Grand Slam final, and though she has been steadily climbing the tennis ranks, for many who don’t follow women’s tennis closely, the win was an introduction to Kerber.

The 28-year-old German player ranks No. 7 in the world, but as she lacks the name recognition of Serena Williams or other recent champions, many people were drawn online on Saturday to look up pictures and background on Angelique Kerber.

They found a glimpse into the life of the otherwise very private player. On Instagram, she shared pictures of a trip to New York City.

Angelique Kerber Pictures: Instagram, Facebook Reveal Different Side Of Surprising 2016 Australian Open Winner
[Image via Instagram]
Kerber shared even more on Facebook, posting pictures of a sun-soaked vacation last November.

Angelique Kerber poses in bikini during vacation last November.
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Other shots give a glimpse into the busy life of a tennis player, with shots from different corners of the globe where Kerber has competed. It also includes some more intimate moments, including spending time with her family and volunteering with children.

The pictures also hint at a long-term partner for Angelique Kerber, though she remains incredibly quiet about her love life.

Angelique Kerber shares some revealing pictures on Facebook.
[Image via Facebook]
As ESPN noted, Keber has come a long way in the past few years. In 2011, she lost in the first round of 11 consecutive tournaments and dropped sharply in the rankings.

But she has improved steadily in recent years, reaching the semifinals of the U.S. Open later in 2011 and then advancing to the semifinals of Wimbledon the next year.

Kerber’s shocking victory set the internet ablaze, with Kerber’s name one of the top search terms around the world and her name trending on Twitter as well. After going thrdough the tournament without losing a set, Serena Williams was expected to again roll in the finals.

As Greg Baum wrote in the Sydney Morning Herald, Kerber’s victory seemed unlikely even as she was pressing Williams to the edge.

“Even on final night, there was in the undertone a sense that Williams would come into her own and history to its senses. No-one wins a set from Serena. Ok, no-one wins two sets from Serena. Hmm, no-one, but no-one, wins finals against Serena. Champions create that effect. But the effect was lost on Kerber. When Williams wrested back the break in the third set, and was serving to level it, Kerber told herself: ‘You just broke her a few minutes ago.’ Then she did it again.”

The win was even more amazing given that Angelique Kerber nearly exited in the first round of the 2016 Australian Open.

“I got my second chance, and this is my dream come true,” said Kerber, who was born five days before Graf won her first Australian Open title in 1988. “My whole life I am working really hard, and now I am here and call myself a Grand Slam champion.”

Kerber’s big moment at the 2016 Australian Open was still shared with Serena Williams, the gracious loser who was smiling beside Kerber as she accepted the trophy. Williams opened up after the match, saying that the expectations on her to always win are not fair.

“Every time I walk in this room, everyone expects me to win every single match, every single day of my life,” Williams said. “As much as I would like to be a robot, I’m not. I try to. But, you know, I do the best that I can.”

Those who want to see more pictures of Angelique Kerber can get a closer glimpse of her more personal side here.

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