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2-Year-Old Sutton Whitt’s Bedtime Prayer Alone In Her Crib Goes Viral [Video]

A South Carolina couple, Kathryn and Caleb Whitt, captured on baby monitor a video of their 2-year-old daughter reciting bedtime prayers carefully and thoughtfully alone in her crib after her parents put her to bed Sunday night and skipped the family’s bedtime prayer routine.

The cute video went viral this week on online social media, touching the hearts of thousands of social media users.

Kathryn and Caleb Whitt, from Seneca in Oconee County, South Carolina, told CNN that they usually say a prayer with their daughter, Sutton Whitt, every night before she goes to sleep. But earlier in the week, on Sunday night, they skipped the routine because they were in a rush to see the Carolina Panthers’ NFC championship game.

But after they had tucked in their little girl and settled to watch the Carolina Panthers on TV, the little girl decided to say a bedtime prayer on her own.

Her parents heard Sutton’s voice on the baby monitor after they had put her into bed. They turned the volume up and listened in awe as their little toddler recited a long and thoughtful prayer to herself.

Kathryn and Caleb were able to capture a video of the last portion of their daughter’s two-minute prayer.

“We started hearing noises upstairs. We then pulled up the baby monitor on my cell phone and hit record,” Kathryn told CNN.

Sutton prayed, mentioning the names of several people, including Santa Claus, her grandma, and her parents. She mentioned the names of her beloved parents twice, saying “thank you” multiple times before she finished the prayer with a loud “Amen.”

Kathryn was deeply impressed because Sutton normally rushed through her prayer at bedtime, taking only a few seconds to recite it. But this time the little girl recited an unrehearsed version of her usually perfunctory bedtime prayer.

“We were shocked at how long her prayer was when we captured this because she rushes through her prayers with us every night,” she said.

“I was just shocked at her age that she wanted to think through everyone she wanted to pray for,” Kathryn, a preschool teacher, added.

The couple shared the video on their Facebook page with friends and family. It went viral unexpectedly with hundreds of thousands of views and tens of thousands of shares.

Kathryn had hesitated to post the video to her Facebook page. But she did not regret her decision after it went viral. She told CNN that she was overwhelmed by the positive response from Facebook users.

“Almost immediately people from all over were sending us messages saying that this touched their hearts.”

“That is so precious! She prayed longer than most adults do.”

“Awww had me in tears! Good job mama!”

“Hurry up and teach her to write. I may need an autograph.”

“That is so awesome! It doesn’t get any better than that…”

“That is so precious. Made me cry. The sweet prayers of a child.”

“Thank you! I think I’ve watched it 10 times already! So sweet!”

“She just keeps melting my heart! So thankful for her!”

“Sweetest thing ever!”

Sutton is now an Internet celebrity, and according to her mother, the last time they were out together many people asked for her autograph although she is only two years old and has not learned how to write.

“She knows she is part of something big, but doesn’t know exactly what,” the proud mother said.

Doubtless, little Sutton’s decision to say a long bedtime prayer on her own when her parents failed to make her say it would have a lasting impact on the family’s bedtime prayer habit.

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