Kim Kardashian Divorce: Kanye West's Public Feud With Amber Rose Reportedly Has Kim Furious

Kim Kardashian Divorce: Kanye West’s Public Feud With Amber Rose Reportedly Has Kim Furious

Kim Kardashian is reportedly considering divorce after her husband’s very public and very embarrassing public feud with his ex, Amber Rose, a spat that has brought some of the rapper’s dirty laundry out to the public.

The strange feud was sparked this week after Kanye West went on a long rant against fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa, who was with Amber Rose after she split with Kanye and has a child with her. After Kanye insulted Khalifa’s rapping ability (while also offering some strange praise), he turned his attention toward Rose.

Amber Rose and Kanye West have a long history, having dated for two years. It was the first high-profile relationship for Kanye, who later went on to date and then marry Kim Kardashian.

During the spat, Amber Rose spilled some embarrassing details about Kanye’s sexual preferences.

The situation was so embarrassing that Kim Kardashian was reportedly thinking about divorce. Celeb Dirty Laundry commented on the rumor, while pushing aside other talk circulating that Kim was jealous of Kanye’s obsession with Jennifer Lopez.

The report noted,

“Lucky for J-Lo, Kim has put her obsession with her and whether or not Kanye would cheat on her with Lopez on the backburner – because she has bigger fish to fry…Amber Rose. If ever there was a good reason for Kim to divorce Kanye West, it would be the feud her husband got in to this week on Twitter with Amber Rose and her baby-daddy Wiz Khalifa. Amber proceeded to tell the world about Kanye’s sexual fetish (which included Amber’s fingers and the rapper’s butt), and Kim is absolutely mortified. So mortified that insiders close to her camp say that the reality TV star is trying to figure out a way to distance herself publicly from her husband – while not sparking divorce rumors. Too Late!”

The divorce rumors surrounding Kim Kardashian could be worse considering the speculation that Kanye may still have feelings for Amber Rose. Here’s what Damon Young of the Root wrote:

“Kanye has repeatedly alluded to how he approaches his artistic endeavors the same way a kid would. He did it most famously in a New York Times interview in 2014. And his most recent single (“No More Parties in L.A.”) features a line in which he refers to himself as a “38-year-old 8-year-old.”

“Perhaps his tendency to speak badly of Amber every chance he gets is the emotionally stunted 38-year-old’s equivalent of throwing spitballs at the girl he really, really, really likes.”

If this is true, then Amber Rose is putting a hard stop to it. In an interview after the feud died down, she reiterated that she was never really in love with Kanye West.

“Real love was with my husband [Wiz], my soon-to-be ex-husband,” Rose said (via UPI). “When you really find love, you just know. So you look back your past relationships and go, ‘Eh, I didn’t love those fools’… He was the love of my life. He was the only man I’ve ever loved.”

But it’s difficult to tell where the truth lies when it comes to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian divorce rumors. The couple seems to face a new report every other week claiming they are being torn apart by jealousy or infidelity or embarrassment, like the latest rumor. But all are based on anonymous sources, and so far none have come to pass.

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