Blac Chyna Arrested In Austin - Will Rob Kardashian Come To The Rescue?

Blac Chyna Arrested In Austin — Will Rob Kardashian Come To The Rescue?

Blac Chyna has more trouble on her hands now that she’s been arrested. Rob Kardashian’s new girlfriend was reportedly flying from Los Angeles to London when she had a little too much to drink. During a layover in Austin, Texas, Blac Chyna reportedly was so drunk and belligerent that she got herself arrested in the airport.

According to TMZ, Blac was arrested during her layover in Austin. Blac was headed for her connecting flight to London when she reportedly became belligerent with an employee at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport on Friday.

A witness told TMZ that Chyna was “heavily intoxicated” as she argued with a flight attendant. They also said that Blac was “acting like a drunken fool.” Another witness reportedly told TMZ that Blac yelled out, “Y’all got no respect for me. I gotta tie my shoes. Let me tie my Yeezys.”

Blac Chyna was already upset when she boarded the flight to London but once aboard, Rob’s girlfriend reportedly really became irate. When Blac screamed, “Nasty ass b***h!” at a flight attendant, airport police were called to remove her from the plane and place Blac Chyna under arrest. Several reports claim that Blac was crying as police escorted her off the plane.

Austin police have released a statement about Blac Chyna’s arrest.

“White was removed from the plane and booked into jail for public intoxication with the possibility of additional charges being filed at a later date.” It turns out that Chyna was also accused of having a controlled substance at the time of her arrest and that might cause more legal trouble for her. TMZ updated with a report that Blac was also charged for drug possession. They reported the charge was for more than one but under 4 grams. What do you think she was carrying on the flight when she was arrested?

It’s still unclear who will be bailing Blac out of jail. If they’re as serious as recent reports suggest, maybe Rob Kardashian will be there to help his new girlfriend. After all the drama Chyna’s new relationship with Rob has caused over the last few days, it’s not surprising that she might want to have a few drinks and unwind during her international flight.

Too bad Blac didn’t make it to liftoff before her mouth got her in trouble. The last thing flight attendants want to deal with on a trip across the Atlantic is to hear Blac Chyna’s mouth or for her behavior to escalate, forcing them to ground the flight elsewhere and remove her. As soon as Blac started calling the flight attendant names, airline staff decided to get her off the flight.

Blac made waves just days ago when she posted a picture of herself snuggling into Rob Kardashian’s bicep. News that Blac and Rob had any sort of relationship caused an uproar on social media. Blac Chyna is an enemy to the Kardashian-Jenner family. Kim Kardashian’s former BFF has been on a constant attack of Kylie Jenner ever since she started dating Blac’s ex, and father of her child, Tyga, just over a year ago. Chyna has taken shots at most of the Kardashians and they are reportedly livid that Rob betrayed them.

News of Blac Chyna’s arrest came just after Kris Jenner visited Rob Kardashian at Blac’s house after she left. What do you think Rob will do to help his girlfriend out?

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