Lil Wayne is still suing Birdman even though they were recently picture together

Lil Wayne Fights ISIS, Watches Birdman Lawsuit, Hosts Super Bowl 50 Event

Lil Wayne is getting a lot of attention because he is in a Super Bowl commercial with President George Washington, but this is not the only contribution he will be giving to Super Bowl 50 on February 7 in San Francisco.

In addition, Lil Wayne is still not finished with his lawsuit against Cash Money Records and Birdman, but he gets to see Birdman take a hit with another payout.

However, what is interesting is how Lil Wayne is fighting ISIS without lifting a finger. According to a report by the Atlantic, Lil Wayne was mentioned by an anti-ISIS fighter, formerly from Texas, stating the following.

“Angels do not enter a place where there are images … ‘I got my angels on my shoulders and a quarter of that angel dust.’ When I listen to Lil Wayne, I feel my faith decrease. Sometimes I forsake him, but I always go back.”

While he may be helping anti-ISIS fighters without realizing it and relaxing in his Super Bowl 50 commercial, according to Hip Hop DX, Lil Wayne is still on a cross-country tour. The Fayetteville Observer writes on January 28 that Lil Wayne’s performance on February 3 will also allow for local talent to gain a larger audience.

About his big break with opening for Lil Wayne in Fayetteville, North Carolina, rapper Demetrius “Deme” Philson stated the following.

“The main thing will be staying in the moment. This is a big opportunity for me, but I have to stick to the things that got me here, get out there and stay focused.”

Regardless, the reason that Lil Wayne is doing this tour in the first place is to thank fans for their “dedication” to him while he is banned from releasing Tha Carter V by Cash Money Records and Birdman.

Lil Wayne and Birdman are not friends like they appear to be in photos
It may appear that Birdman and Lil Wayne are friends because they are in pictures together, but looks can be deceiving. (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

Although his $51 million lawsuit against his record label has been outstanding for a year as of January 28, Lil Wayne is likely not upset to see Birdman take another hit with a lawsuit — despite their recent reconciliation.

The L.A. Sun Times wrote on January 21 that Lil Wayne and Birdman were photographed in a studio together. Nevertheless, TMZ quoted Lil Wayne insiders on January 21 saying that they may be talking, but he is still suing Birdman and Cash Money Records.

Vulture reminded fans of Lil Wayne’s original complaints in December, 2014, with the following quote.

“I am a prisoner and so is my creativity. I want off this label and nothing to do with these people but unfortunately it ain’t that easy … my album won’t and hasn’t been released [because] Baby [and] Cash Money [Records] refuse to release it.”

According to All Hip Hop, “Cash Money Record has taken another major hit as the label must now pay $1.14 million in royalties for songs produced for singer Jay Sean.”

For fans that cannot catch him on his Dedication Tour, they can get a seat in San Francisco to watch Lil Wayne at the Super Bowl 50 after-party. Lil Wayne HQ reported that the event will be held at The Grand Nightclub and will also include DJ Amen & Shabazz. Tickets range from an affordable $105.44 up to the luxury ticket price fo $20,609.95.

Lil Wayne, Birdman are still having Cash Money Records drama despite the fact that they call each other family.
Birdman and Lil Wayne have called each other family for almost two decades, but Lil Wayne is still suing him for lost wages due to the fallout from Cash Money Records. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

Lil Wayne is also performing in St. Louis on February 21 at the Chaifetz Arena for the State of Emergency III concert with Yo Gotti and 2 Chainz, according to STL Today.

Despite praise for his performances, there is one opponent that thinks Lil Wayne is getting too much credit. On January 25, the blog Clapway wrote that “There are so many other African American people who deserve way more respect than Drake and Lil Wayne.”

Adding to this, they state that Lil Wayne is nothing compared to hair lotion maker Madame CJ Walker, refrigerator inventor Frederick McKinley, X-ray machinery inventor George Alcorn, gas mask inventor Garrett Morgan, and Otis Boykin — the inventor of important technology for radios, computers, the pacemaker, and television sets.

[Picture by Brad Barket/Stringer/Getty Images]