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Rita Ora Bares It All In A Raunchy Photo Shoot For ‘Lui’ Magazine

More photos have emerged from Rita Ora’s topless photo shoot with Terry Richardson. If her being topless on the cover of Lui magazine wasn’t enough for you, then you’ll definitely want to check out the rest of the photos.

Rita Ora trended on Twitter on Thursday, Jan. 28, when she posed topless on the cover of Lui magazine. The February, 2015, issue featured Ora busting open her chambray shirt as she exposed her breasts to photographer Terry Richardson. She paired her look with a black PVC mini skirt and her signature red lips. The 25-year-old is the latest celeb to pose nude for the French magazine.

In the latest photos published on Friday, Rita is seen playing the piano in the buff while singing up a storm. Another photo shows the X Factor judge wearing a black G-string, a black mesh T-shirt, and white Christian Louboutin pumps as she displays her butt.

Rita Ora
(Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

The controversial photographer shared the photos on his Instagram page. He captioned the first NSFW photo: “Piano Woman @ritaora,” and on the second one, he wrote: “TGIF Have a great weekend! @ritaora @luimagazine”

But these aren’t the only photos from Ora’s raunchy and explicit photo shoot. Richardson also shared this photo of the “Poison” singer with her arms raised above her head as she wears a black sheer top, which rides up her chest to reveal plenty of nipples and underboob. Ora is also seen wearing the black tasseled thong from the previous photo.

The photographer captioned the photo: “I photographed @ritaora for the cover of @luimagazine and not only does she look smokin’ hot, but hanging with her and her team for the day was so much fun! Thanks guy!!”

Terry previously shared another photo from this shoot, which was shared a week ago on Instagram. The photo features Ora wearing a band T-shirt, a black motorcycle cap, a black mesh top, and matching fishnet stockings.

He captioned the shockingly non-nude photo: “Always fun to spend a day with @ritaora! Stay tuned for all the pics…#ritaora #gbh #terryrichardson”

There’s no doubt that Rita looks good in the new photos. But not everyone is pleased with the photo shoot. It seems like Rita has been receiving backlash from the media for stripping down.

Rita Ora
(Photo by Joseph Okpako/Getty Images)

Some think that Rita Ora is taking it too far with these new photos. But it’s not like she’s the only singer to pose topless or nude for a magazine. Miley Cyrus is notorious for posing in the buff, and Ora’s lookalike, Rihanna, has also posed topless on the cover of the publication.

Amy Jones of The Sun called Ora a “desperate attention seeker” and asked the hard questions about the photo shoot.

“Why would an internationally successful singer with a part-time job on one of telly’s biggest shows team up with controversial photographer Terry Richardson to showcase her boobs to the world?”

Meanwhile, Rebecca Reid of The Telegraph claims that the provocative photos are “a slap in the face for women everywhere.” She even explains why older women like Madonna get applauded for posing topless, while that’s not the case for their younger contemporaries like Rita.

“Well, to start with when Madonna poses topless it’s for a reason. Everything Madonna has ever done has had a reason behind it. Kissing Britney Spears, dating much younger men – she’s fought against ageism and refused to be stereotyped or silenced as she’s grown up. Madonna has been a leader for women for decades.

“Ora? Not so much. Her only expressed interest in supporting other women was as a mentor on the X Factor, where her dramatic tearful displays of extravagant emotion towards her mentees smacked, quite frankly, of cheap panto.”

The contributor even thinks that Miley’s need to be nude makes more sense since she was desperate to get away from Disney’s clutch, and used her explicit photos to shine the light on the LGBT community. But she feels that Rita should just keep her top on since she’s not doing anything new or provocative, or even using the photos to send a positive message to her fans.

What are your thoughts on Rita Ora’s nude photo shoot? Do you think she has gone too far? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]