‘Fallout 4’ DLC Speculation Regarding An Expandable Boston Wasteland [Rumors]
Fallout 4 DLC Rumors and Speculation

‘Fallout 4’ DLC Speculation Regarding An Expandable Boston Wasteland [Rumors]

Fallout 4 DLC rumors and speculative thoughts have been buzzing around the web-o-sphere for a little while now. From a lengthy weekend tromp into Boston’s underwater adventures, an ugly whale, moon exploration, and so on, there looks to be uncompleted portions to the game that’s raising the eyebrows and excitement for the Vault 111 dweller community.

Some Fallout 4 game fans have already pre-paid for the DLC Season Pass at the cost of $30 at a $40 value and it’s already said to be chock-full of fun stuff. When the upcoming DLCs will be distributed is unknown, but there are talks of the first one coming out early this year. Specifics have yet to be announced. Of course, months ago it was the same situation then which probably kept some people from pre-ordering, according to Game Rant.

Bethesda’s Todd Howard saw the game all to fruition, and surprisingly, throughout the four years they’ve worked on developing it, he said that most of his ideas and visions for the game had made it to the final product, per a report coming from Mingle Media TV Network at the launch party for Fallout 4. Things discovered in the game by other players may indicate a reinforcement of that.

One Small Step For Vault 111

When Howard was asked about other countries being in the game, he said that it was only the United States. Okay, so there’s no other countries involved, but how about other heavenly bodies?

Take the moon for instance. Fallout 4 message boards have been buzzing and according to Games Radar, there’s a location in Fallout 4 called the Museum of Freedom with a mural in dedication to those who had fallen at the Sea of Tranquility, which is the real life site of the Apollo Moon landing.

More To See At The Glowing Sea?

If you’ve gotten to the part where you need to find the rogue scientist, or “smart” Super Mutant with glasses, you’ll need to see the Children of the Atom community out in the Glowing Sea. The portion of this story helps with the location of your son, Shaun, located at the Institute.

If you’ve done some exploring out in that area, it’s pretty much a desolate place. There’s a lot of space in that region for possible DLC spots and one may wonder why the only dealings you’ve had with those people is regarding the Institute mission. Beyond that, no quest-giving opportunities occur. There are thoughts reported by Games Radar via Reddit user prettygrayt of winds blowing West in the world of Fallout 4 which takes it off the current map.

Underwater Adventures Off The Boston Coast?

Some time ago, a Fallout 4 Vault 111 lone wanderer spent the weekend charting the bottom off the Massachusetts coast, according to Inquisitr. Also not too long ago, there was an accident involving a power armor user who inadvertently fell into the drink, and instead of making a bee-line back up the shore, he decided to walk along the bottom only to find an underwater structure and entry point that cannot (yet?) be entered.

Then, there’s Ol’ Peg. A caravan worker/Fallout 4 NPC character who tells of a beast in the ocean that’s a “giant blue ghoul whale,” according to Games Radar. So, there seems to be a hint into the Bostonian whaling industry. Perhaps there are possible new underwater creatures being speculated? Wonder what kind of loot they would drop?

Fallout 4 DLC conspiracy theories continue, according to Games Radar, that could entail new game content such as history in the Fallout universe entailing the annexation of Canada. Some of the locals in the game hail from that region. Also, there is the Gunner Faction to consider. It’s the only faction you cannot takes sides with and provide no interactivity. One may wonder if there is something going on with them.

Other Fallout 4 DLC rumors and speculations continue on Games Radar regarding things like H.P. Lovecraft’s references in the game and the ever-so-historical, real-life British ties to Boston during the American Revolution that make references to Paul Revere, John Hancock, and the U.S.S. Constitution. Maybe therein lies ties to the Siege of Boston and the Minute Men?

Like with Fallout 4’s post-apocalyptic war, compared to the the American Revolutionary War, war never changes.

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