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Jenelle Evans Hospitalized, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star’s Condition A Mystery

Jenelle Evans is having quite a busy week. She recently returned from vacationing in Florida and walked into nothing but chaos. Evans has been dealing with a lot over the last year. She gave birth to her second son, Kaiser. Shortly after the baby was born, her relationship with Nathan Griffith ended. On top of legal trouble for Evans, there is also some anxiety she is battling.

Although details are scarce, Radar Online is reporting that Jenelle Evans has been hospitalized on and off all week. The Teen Mom 2 star has openly admitted to battling anxiety, but this appears to be more than that. Evans’ has been having shortness of breath and loss of coordination. She was released from the hospital on Wednesday and readmitted again shortly after. There is no indication of what is going on, but none of Evans’ symptoms are getting any better. The doctors initially told her it was due to her anxiety and that it would pass. Evans wanted a thyroid test done, and they didn’t want to order it. That is when she left the hospital, but Evans ended up returning when the symptoms didn’t cease.

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This was all triggered after Jenelle Evans returned home from Florida and found her car missing. Initial reports indicated that Nathan Griffith had stolen Evans’ car, but upon further investigation, it was determined that his name was also on the title of the car. So while Evans couldn’t get him for stealing the car, she pressed charges on him for taking the contents inside the car. Currently, there is a warrant for Griffith’s arrest. Evans took to Twitter to accuse Griffith of theft when she realized her car was missing from the airport. She was sending out accusatory remarks but wasn’t revealing the whole truth. Apparently, this incident triggered Evans’ medical episode.

There is some speculation that Jenelle Evans is hyping up her condition to avoid an upcoming court date. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jenelle Evans has a court date coming up in February. It is for her 2015 arrest in regards to assaulting Nathan Griffith’s girlfriend. If she continues to be treated in the hospital, Evans may be able to avoid facing a jury for the charges. Everything is coming at her right now, and the anxiety is likely building up. Currently, the hospital is running several tests to find a conclusive diagnosis for her.

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Over the last few months, Jenelle Evans has started to repair her life. She has made several very poor choices, many of them leading to her 13 arrests in the last five years. From drugs to battery charges, Evans has been through the legal system a lot. She now has more to lose than ever, especially if she has to face jail time. Kaiser resides with her full-time, and he would be given to Nathan Griffith while she serves out her sentence. After that, there is no telling if things would remain the same, or if Evans would be able to get her son back. The different outcomes of every situation have been weighing heavily on Evans, and that may have contributed to how she is feeling now.

Several people are worried about Jenelle Evans. She has had mysterious health scares before, some of which have never been fully addressed. Right now, there is no word on a possible diagnosis for Evans, although she did reject the generic anxiety answer the hospital initially gave her. After leaving and returning, the hospital seems to be taking Evans’ concerns more seriously. With the weekend approaching, answers may not be readily available. Jenelle Evans may be playing her cards in order to escape facing a jury but if she isn’t, there could be something seriously going on with her health.

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