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Kris Jenner Approves Of Rob Kardashian Dating Blac Chyna? She’s A ‘Life Saver’

Kris Jenner received a visit from Rob Kardashian and girlfriend Blac Chyna on Thursday. Apparently, their family meeting went well. The reality star’s relationship with the model had been highly controversial due to her long-running feud with Kylie Jenner, who is currently dating Chyna’s son’s father, Tyga. However, Kris Jenner is said to be happy that Blac Chyna is motivating her son to get healthy.

Following the couple’s visit with Kris Jenner, a source spoke to Hollywood Life, revealing Rob’s mom is “grateful” to Blac Chyna for helping Rob get his life back after living a reclusive life at home for the past three years.

“[Kris Jenner] thinks Blac is a life saver and may be good for Rob. She is hoping Blac is going to take Rob from being a boy to a man,” the source revealed. “Rob has been out three days in a row after not being seen for months.”

Prior to dating Blac Chyna, Kris Jenner’s son hadn’t been spotted since June of last year. The sock designer was spotted at a Los Angeles In-N-Out Burger, where he appeared to be at his heaviest. Now, with Blac Chyna at his side, Rob seems to have taken on a new lease on life, and understandably, Kris Jenner is very happy to see this side of him.

“[Kris Jenner] is pleased about that and knows Blac is the reason — she’s grateful Blac is helping Rob get his own shine back. No one has been able to get him out of the house, and Blac should be credited with helping him out of his funk,” the source continued.

Meanwhile, Kris Jenner’s daughters, including Kylie and Kendall Jenner, along with Kim, Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian, aren’t nearly as thrilled. In fact, they have suggested Kris Jenner give him an ultimatum, and force him to chose between Blac Chyna and his family. However, according to the source, Kris Jenner has no intention to do so.

“The girls see this as war. They want everyone to cut Rob off. They’re all pressuring [Kris Jenner] to lay down the law with Rob and tell him he has to pick the family or Blac Chyna. They all think Kris will do it, but that’s very unlikely. He’s her son. She loves him and she’s not going to disown him because of who he’s dating,” the source explained.

Kris Jenner opened up about her son and his health during an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians in early 2015, claiming he had put on over 100 pounds in just one year. But now, Rob is back in the gym, as he shared yesterday on Instagram, and according to Us Weekly, Blac Chyna has enlisted the help of her trainer, Chris Jinna, to get him fit.

In an interview with the magazine, Jinna opened up about the status of Blac Chyna’s relationship with Kris Jenner’s son, claiming she refers to him as her “boyfriend,” and revealed he had created a meal plan and workout schedule for Rob. Jinna also stated that if the couple follows his program, they will be working out at least five times per week, and could be doing so together.

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