Jennifer Lawrence And Brie Larson: Are Feud Rumors True?

Jennifer Lawrence and Brie Larson have each come off a win for Best Actress at this year’s Golden Globes. With the Oscars approaching and the two leading ladies owning the nominee spotlight for the same category, rumors are making the rounds that the beauties are feuding over who will win and who truly deserves the holy grail of awards for the film world.

Both actresses stunned on screen in their respective portrayals of seriously complex characters. Jennifer Lawrence is up for her role in Joy as Joy Mangano, while Larson is nominated for her emotional performance as Joy “Ma” Newsome in Room.

It is the handy work of an unreliable tabloid that has sparked the rumor of the feud between the two talented actresses. Hollywood Take sets the record straight by stamping out the claims as false.

“[D]espite rumors that they’re fighting, there’s no bad blood between the actresses. A new tabloid report claims that J.Law and Larson are in a “bitter rivalry” and that Lawrence has been nasty to Larson. Of course, they do have an upcoming Oscars battle for Best Actress.”

The reason that both stars were able to walk away with a Best Actress Golden Globe is based on the award ceremony’s distinction between drama and comedy. Lawrence and Larson were, therefore, in separate categories at the Globes and were, as a result, both victorious. However, the Oscars lump the entire pool of actresses into one category, which means Jen and Brie will be up against one another. This simple fact was enough to cause tabloids to get a feud rumor rolling and to try to establish that the two stars must hate one another.

Hollywood Take reveals more about the basis of the rumor, regardless of the fact that sources say that the actresses have great respect for one another.

“According to the false report, Lawrence sees Larson’s skyrocketing success as competition. She’s been one of the biggest stars in Hollywood over the past few years and is threatened by Larson’s success. So she’s been keeping her eye on her.”

As the publication relays, the made up feud goes even deeper than competition in regard to their acting.

” [I]t’s not just that they’re feeling competitive over the Oscars. The tabloid also claims that things have been getting nasty and that J.Law has been pretty mean to Larson. They reportedly didn’t hit it off at a The Hollywood Reporter roundtable and Lawrence allegedly told her BFF Amy Schumer to ignore her Trainwreck co-star Larson at the Golden Globes.”

Gossip Cop has helped to set the record straight about all of this “feud” talk between Lawrence and Larson.

“Despite how fictitious the outlet’s entire account sounds, Gossip Cop still checked in with a source close to Lawrence, who assures us this supposed feud is ‘complete B.S.’ Lawrence and Larson have nothing but the utmost admiration for each other, and there are simply no issues between the two.”

What a relief that such ridiculous claims are actually as false and ridiculous as they seem. The two notable actresses are clearly pleased to even be nominated and hold one another in high respect for each other’s success in the industry.

This will mark the fourth nomination for Lawrence that includes one win, while it is the very first nomination by the Academy for Larson. Both women are likely proud of their work and to be in such good company in the Best Actress category. They are wished the best of luck in their pursuit of Oscar this time around.

[Photo By Juan Niharro Gomez /Getty Images]