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Danielle Staub Ready To Fight Bravo: Could Tell-All Book Be Legal Trouble?

Danielle Staub is someone people either love or hate. She starred on The Real Housewives of New Jersey when the show first aired, and people either loved her for speaking up or hated her for fighting too hard to stay in the spotlight. Danielle was very aggressive on the show, hinting that she was being threatened and was in fear for her life.

According to a new Us Weekly report, Danielle Staub is now revealing that she’s planning to write a book about her entire time on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. According to her tweet, it sounds like she has some painful memories, and she wants to share them with the world.

“I’m breaking my silence,” Danielle tweeted yesterday, adding, “And writing my tell all including the ‘Reality of #RHONJ’ the impact on mine and my family’s life’s @Andy @bravotv.”

Clearly, Staub has some feelings about both the network and Andy Cohen. The timing is definitely interesting. There hasn’t been an episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey in over a year, and Teresa Giudice has just been released from jail. Plus, Jacqueline Laurita briefly returned to the show to show her emotions when Teresa was sentenced to over a year in jail. Teresa’s husband was sentenced to 41 months.

This wouldn’t be Danielle Staub’s first book. She previously wrote a book called The Naked Truth, which she released back in 2010. That book was about her past before The Real Housewives of New Jersey, where she was rumored to be a prostitute. She also had an extensive criminal past, which she talked a little bit about on the show.

So, what would be in her tell-all book? Danielle Staub may talk about Teresa Giudice, Dina Manzo, and Jacqueline Laurita. They were all on the show together, and Staub wasn’t happy with any of them. She pointed the finger, and she felt threatened by Jacqueline’s daughter, Ashley. When Staub left the show, she said she was done with the show and she had had enough. But then rumors swirled about her return to The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

“Danielle has been reaching out to the newbies of the cast,” a source revealed last year to Radar Online, adding, “She is trying to be sweet in hopes that they will like her and want her to come on the show with them. Danielle knows she has no friends in the other cast members. For example, she knows Jacqueline and Caroline would never talk to her or have anything to do with her.”

The book could be a legal problem for Staub. If she signed a contract with Bravo that prevents her from spilling some details, the network could sue her. And Andy Cohen is aware of the possible book, as she tagged him in the tweet. It’s possible that he will keep his eyes out on this book now.

Dina Manzo decided to return to the show for a season to support Teresa Giudice, but Danielle Staub didn’t sign a contract to film. But if Danielle returned to the show, it is possible that none of the ladies would talk to her. She’s not talking to Jacqueline, and Dina doesn’t want to talk to Danielle. And since Dina and Jacqueline recently made up, Staub could be on the outs. But that doesn’t mean she’s hesitant about returning to the show.

“Basically,” the insider revealed, “Danielle is desperate for a return to the show. She’s made that quite clear on social media and her reaching out to the new cast members is an obvious tactic to try to accomplish this goal. Danielle has contacted m. She did reach out to chat. To be honest, she has been nothing but kind and sweet to me. She hasn’t brought up the show unless I’ve brought it up, but she has discussed her experience on the show with me.”

Would you read Danielle Staub’s tell-all book about The Real Housewives of New Jersey?

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