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Erika Girardi Says The ‘RHOBH’ Ladies Are Handling Yolanda’s Illness All Wrong

Erika Girardi may be new to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she knows that what she’s seeing isn’t right. Erika knows Yolanda Foster, and she has been a huge supporter throughout Foster’s Lyme disease journey. Girardi has never questioned Yolanda’s illness, and fans first met Erika when they were going for blood work. According to a new Bravo blog, Erika Girardi is shocked at how the ladies are handling the illness.

“Kyle’s ‘barbecue’ (dinner party) was really pretty but things certainly got interesting. Bella and Anwar’s Lyme disease was mentioned during dinner out of the company of Yolanda. It would have been more appropriate to ask Yolanda herself rather than someone else after Yolanda had turned in for the evening. As mothers we should all be sensitive to talking about one another’s children–especially if they are facing challenges of any kind,” Erika Girardi points out in her blog for the show.

Of course, Lisa Rinna brought up the idea of Munchausen, which is a condition where a person fakes an illness in hopes of getting attention and sympathy. They actually make themselves sick to both feel and look ill to those around them. Sadly, Yolanda doesn’t know that the ladies are discussing this.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars aren’t really talking to Foster about her illness, and this is something Girardi is picking up on. Instead of asking Foster herself about how things are going, the ladies are discussing her health behind her back. And Yolanda is learning of this news as she’s watching the show. As Erika points out, the ladies should be asking Yolanda about this, not one another.

But this wasn’t the only drama that went down at Kyle Richards’ BBQ party. While Erika Girardi doesn’t really know what went down between Kathryn Edwards and Faye Resnick, she does have some thoughts about it.

“Things are clearly tense between Kathryn and Faye. It’s sad that they are brought together by a tragedy that occurred over two decades ago. I’m sure had they met on different terms they might be friends, as I find them both smart and genuinely kind women. While many things were said, I can tell this is still an unresolved situation and is certainly not the end of conversation for these two,” Girardi explains.

Even though Erika Girardi is new to the group, it’s surprising that she hasn’t been judged more. There’s plenty of things that Erika does that the ladies could be shocked about. For one, she’s a pop-star with a salacious body and personality – something Erika calls her alter ego. And she may be right that she’s the only person acting on this alter ego. Plus, Girardi is married to a much older man, something she seems to be very proud of. And she points out that the ladies, including Lisa Vanderpump, may have crossed the line a few times.

“The most awkward questions were from the ladies about my sex life,” Girardi, 44, has said, according to Page Six.

When Lisa Vanderpump learned the age of her husband, she kept asking Erika about whether they use Viagra or other support methods since he’s an older man. Lisa may have been joking, but Erika didn’t think it was funny. Plus, Lisa’s own husband, Ken Todd, is also an older man and may need some extra help in the bedroom. It does seem like Lisa is just trying to ruffle Girardi’s feathers and maybe get her to admit that she married for money, which doesn’t seem to be the case.

What do you think of Erika Girardi’s comments about Yolanda Foster’s health? Do you think the ladies are tackling this situation completely wrong? Should they ask Yolanda about it instead?

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