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Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Break-Up Rumors Go Wild: What Is She Texting Her Friends?

Rumors have been flying that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are over or could be splitting soon. They have been together for a while and are out in public together often, but Taylor isn’t known for long relationships. Now Hollywood Life is sharing that this is not true and these two are doing just fine. Reports are saying that Taylor has been texting her friends and asking for relationship advice, but a new insider is revealing that this isn’t the case at all. Taylor has a pretty good group of close friends that include Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, and Lena Dunham. In March, Taylor and Calvin will have been together for a year, which is pretty long for Swift.

Here is what the insider has to say about what Taylor Swift has actually been texting to her close friends. It has nothing to do with advice on her boyfriend either.

“Taylor is really happy with Calvin and the couple is stronger and happier than ever. Taylor texts her friends all day but not for advice about Calvin, it is more about to share what’s going on and things are going great. She will not be writing any break-up songs about him anytime soon.”

The source went on to say that Taylor Swift is done with her tour for now and the two are spending a lot of time together. They are not living together just yet because they like having their own space. The thing is not long ago it was reported that Calvin Harris was selling his home. Rumors were that Calvin and Taylor might be getting a home together, but nobody really knows for sure if that is what they will decide to do. The truth about this should come out when Calvin’s house sells and they either buy one together or he gets a new one for himself. If things are as serious as they sound, it would not be surprising that Calvin and Taylor could live together.

Taylor and Calvin did enjoy time with each other over the holidays and even built a snowman with her brother. Of course, she documented it on Instagram.

Really proud of ourselves over here.

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Spending time with her boyfriend, Calvin Harris, isn’t the only thing that Taylor Swift has going on right now. Rumors are flying that she is losing some of her friends, which would be sad news. The Hollywood Gossip shared that some of the group that Taylor calls her “squad” could actually be jumping ship and moving on. Taylor Swift is known for inviting her famous friends on stage with her during concerts and having a great time.

Rumors are that Taylor Swift has a very strict set of rules she expects people to follow if they want to be part of her squad. She used to be really close to Kendall Jenner, but fans don’t really see them together now. Sources say this is because Taylor kicked her from the group for dating her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles of One Direction. Rumors are that Karlie Kloss and Taylor are also on the outs with each other. There is no proof that these rumors are true though. You know if things are really bad even with a friend, Taylor Swift is going to write about it and then everyone will know the truth.

Do you think that Taylor Swift has finally found her perfect man in Calvin Harris? Will these two end up staying together? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts about Taylor and Calvin.

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