Kyle Richards, star of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

Kyle Richards Criticizes Lisa Vanderpump And Kathryn Edwards For Going After Faye Resnick

Kyle Richards thinks that Lisa Vanderpump and Kathryn Edwards both need to move on from what happened between them and Faye Resnick. In her latest blog post, posted on Thursday, Kyle defended Faye, writing at length about what a great person and friend she is. Kyle criticized Lisa and Kathryn for not letting go of the drama and moving forward with Faye.

The latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills showed the housewives and Faye attending Kyle’s BBQ at her home. Lisa made clear that she did not like Faye because of what Faye did at her vow renewal/30th wedding anniversary party, which was shown several seasons ago. At that party, Faye accused Lisa, who was not getting along with Kyle at the time, of using Brandi to do her dirty work. Lisa did not like Faye accusing her of being a chess master.

Kyle wrote that Faye was just defending her as a friend at the time and that it’s high school behavior to not move on from it.

“I think to be going on about this THIS many years after an event that was WAY blown out of proportion is a bit much. It’s time to move on from that. I think Faye was right when she told Lisa V. that she thinks they were both just defending their friends. Faye was being defensive of me, and Lisa V. was of Brandi. It’s petty and was made out to be way bigger of a deal than need be. We’re not in high school.”

While Lisa Vanderpump remained cordial with Faye at Kyle’s BBQ, new housewife Kathryn lashed out at Faye for writing about her in her tell-all book after the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson. Kathryn made clear that she did not like how Faye brought her into the whole O.J. and Nicole Brown Simpson saga and described her as a woman who looks the other way when her husband cheats.

In her blog post recapping the latest episode, Kathryn continued to lash out at Faye for what she did to her 20-something years ago and how she behaved at Kyle’s BBQ. Kathryn, referencing Faye’s Wikipedia page that talks of her cocaine addiction, even wrote that Faye has a “sordid past.” Kathryn said that it would have been easy to “knock [Faye] down to size” but she chose not to so as not to disrupt Kyle’s event.

Yet according to Kyle Richards, Kathryn Edwards actually got along with Faye Resnick over the months of filming and moved past her hatred of her. Kyle wondered why Kathryn did not mention this fact in her blog. Perhaps viewers will see Kathryn and Faye make up in a future episode and Kathryn did not want to ruin the story line?

“Even Kathryn got to know Faye over these last six months and actually got along and put this all behind them. However, Kathryn (for whatever reason) chose not to share that in her blog.”

On Tuesday night’s episode, Kathryn declared in her interview that she will never be friends with Faye. Exactly what did Faye write in her book that caused such outrage from Kathryn? Released in 1994, Faye’s book, Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted, claimed that Nicole came clean to O.J. that she crossed the line with Marcus Allen, Kathryn’s now ex-husband.

“Finally, Nicole admitted her affair with Marcus Allen. She quickly told OJ that she’d only let him ‘play’ with her. She didn’t admit to actual intercourse. OJ exploded…At times we were worried that OJ might take revenge on Marcus by telling his fiancée Kathryn about the affair with Nicole. That would have been a disaster, because Kathryn was a sweet woman who was well aware of Marcus’ womanizing and might have felt she had to call off the wedding. OJ did not do that, but he did confront Marcus. No one knows exactly what was said, but it ended up with him swearing to OJ that he would never touch Nicole again. Marcus said it wouldn’t be a problem anymore, because he was getting married.”

Later on in the book, Faye wrote that before Marcus got involved with Nicole, he actually tried to get with her, all the while being engaged to Kathryn. Faye wrote that she called Kris Jenner and she told him to not get involved with Marcus and to remember Kathryn, who ignores his philandering but is hurt by it.

“Whatever you do, don’t go out with Marcus Allen. He’s the biggest womanizer in the world and don’t forget he’s engaged to Kathryn. She turns a blind eye to his fooling around, but it hurts her when he does it publicly.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Faye criticized the show last week for using Nicole’s death as a story line.

Will viewers see Lisa Vanderpump and Kathryn Edwards truly forgiving Faye Resnick and moving forward with her? A preview for next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills shows that Faye attends a costume party with Kyle Richards and the rest of the housewives, including Lisa and Kathryn. Another preview shows Lisa taking Kyle to task for not telling her that Faye, whom she calls an “orangutan,” was going to be at the BBQ.

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