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Did Jill Dillard Leave Guatemala Over Zika Virus Concerns? Duggars Say Dillard Family Location Is ‘Confidential’

Duggar daughter Jill Dillard has recently been commissioned by S.O.S. Ministries to serve as a missionary in Central America. The Dillard family was recently living in Guatemala as they studied Spanish and adjusted to life in Central America. However, with concerns growing over the Zika virus, health officials are telling women in the area to take measures to prevent pregnancy for the next two years and for pregnant women to avoid areas affected by Zika virus. So, will Jill and Derick Dillard leave Zika-infected areas such as Guatemala until the virus has been eradicated, or will they attempt to use some sort of birth control or natural family planning to ensure Jill does not get pregnant during their stay in the infected areas.

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The Duggar Family Blog has responded to some of the concerns surrounding the Zika virus scare in Central America. Some have suggested that Jill Dillard may opt for birth control or Derick may choose abstinence as a means to keep his wife and future child safe. However, others claimed that the Duggar daughter may opt to cut her stay in Central America short as the Duggar family has been vocal about the fact that they do not use birth control but instead allow God to choose their family size.

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In the post, the Duggars note that prayers are needed for Jill and Derick Dillard along with all of the individuals living in Zika virus-infected areas in Central America. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is recommending that all women of childbearing age refrain from traveling to Central America until the virus is contained and the threat reduced. It is also noted that some countries are recommending that women in the areas should refrain from getting pregnant for the next two years.

“Expectant mothers are encouraged to postpone travel to regions infected with Zika. Some countries have asked female residents to delay becoming pregnant, with El Salvador going so far as to advise women to wait up to two years to conceive.”

However, the Duggar family does not believe in the use of birth control and instead says that they will take children whenever God decides to give them a blessing. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that Jill Dillard would opt for birth control. Instead, the Dillards would most likely decide together to abstain from sex or to rely on natural family planning in a bid to avoid pregnancy. Though the pair has not outlined any detailed plan on avoiding pregnancy or issued any statement about Jill possibly being pregnant currently, the Duggar Family Blog indicates that the pair may have left Zika-infected regions.

In the blog, it is noted that the current location of Jill and Derick Dillard is “confidential” but that the family is still requesting prayers.

“For the time being, Jill and Derick Dillard wish to keep their location confidential, but please keep their little family, as well as others in Central and South America, in your prayers as they serve in regions where Zika is present.”

The Dillards were located in Guatemala, one of the regions affected by the Zika virus, and do not appear to be back in Arkansas. However, they could have moved to a nearby country to wait out the virus. According to current information provided by the CDC regarding locations infected with Zika virus, Costa Rica and Nicaragua are currently not infected with the virus and could be a safe haven for the Dillard family as they would still be fulfilling their commitment to remain in Central America while avoiding current areas of outbreak.

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The Dillards have not posted photos from Central America in two weeks, so location is still in question. Do you think Jill and Derick Dillard left Guatemala early to avoid needing to utilize birth control due to the Zika virus? Do you think they will remain committed to Central America or return back to the United States? What do you think they will do if Jill becomes pregnant?

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