Robert Pattinson Begging FKA Twigs To Elope 'As Soon As Possible'? [Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]

Robert Pattinson Begging FKA Twigs To Elope ‘As Soon As Possible’?

When the news first broke that Robert Pattinson had asked FKA twigs to marry him, many fans expected the wedding to happen fairly soon. However, multiple delays pushed back their wedding date to an unspecified time. With their wedding in flux, is Pattinson wanting to forgo a traditional ceremony and elope with twigs as soon as possible?

An inside source recently told Ok! Magazine that Pattinson is getting impatient with twigs and even wants to start a family with the British singer. Apparently, this is not the first time Pattinson has gotten anxious in a relationship.

“This is classic Rob, going all-out for marriage and kids just a couple of weeks after telling people they didn’t have a future together… He was the same with [ex-girlfriend] Kristen [Stewart], it’s all or nothing with him.”

With Pattinson wanting nothing more than to get the wedding over with, those closest to him are advising him to remain patient and slow down. However, considering how long the two have been together and the expectations put on their engagement, Pattinson is wanting to move forward with things as quickly as possible.

“Everyone’s telling him to calm down and take this step by step, but he’s pointing out that they’ve been together for like, 18 months now and it’s the right time for them to take the next step,” the source explained.

Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs recently hung out with one of his besties - Katy Perry. [Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images]
Robert Pattinson and FKA twigs recently hung out with one of his besties — Katy Perry. [Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images]
Just how much of a strain this is putting on their relationship is unknown, but Pattinson does not seem to taking the situation lightly. Just how far is Pattinson willing to go to see the marriage come to fruition? Will his impatience prove to be the undoing of his relationship with twigs?

According to the source, Pattinson is getting so impatient that he is now “begging twigs to elope as soon as possible,” with the promise of having kids being one of his main motivations. However, are these reports true or just another part of the speculations surrounding the former Twilight star and his new fiancé?

According to Gossip Cop, there is little truth behind these speculations. Apparently, Pattinson is not wanting to marry twigs as soon as possible and is willing to wait things out in order to make their relationship work. Furthermore, a source told the outlet that Pattinson and Twigs do not have plans to have any babies right away and are instead focused on expanding their careers.

That being said, neither Pattinson nor Twigs have commented on the latest round of rumors surrounding their engagement. Even more, Pattinson’s desire to expedite his marriage with Twigs is not the only rumor that has surfaced in recent weeks.

In fact, according to Enstarz, Pattinson recently faced some criticism from his close friends about his relationship with Twigs. In particular, Daniel Radcliffe, with whom Pattinson starred alongside in the Harry Potter films, allegedly had some issues with Twigs. These problems eventually led to Pattinson and Radcliffe having a falling out.

The rumor mill is buzzing that FKA Twigs has come between former friends and costars Robert Pattinson and Daniel Radcliff. [Image via Warner Bros]
The rumor mill is buzzing that FKA twigs has come between former friends and costars Robert Pattinson and Daniel Radcliffe. [Image via Warner Bros]
In response to Radcliffe’s negative feelings towards twigs, Pattinson made some movies to cut off his former friend from his personal life. “Rob’s so sick of his friends criticizing twigs and has made an example out of Daniel by cutting him off,” an inside source explained.

Until Pattinson and twigs finally nail down a wedding date and exchange vows, the rumors surrounding their relationship are not likely to go away. Despite reports that all is well between the two stars, the delays in their wedding indicates that something is going on behind the scenes. Whether this is problems with scheduling or Pattinson’s impatience is yet to be seen.

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[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]