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Is This Why Gigi Hadid ‘Snubbed’ Harry Styles? Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid Reportedly Wary Of Each Other’s Lovers

Sugarscape is reporting that Kendall Jenner may be turning to supermodel BFF Gigi Hadid for advice now that Harry Styles has demonstrated his willingness to have “a fling” with a London stylist.

It’s not as if Harry actually cheated, of course — he and Kendall are reportedly non-exclusive and taking things slowly following the deterioration of their 2013 relationship. Kendall was allegedly hurt by the One Direction star back then, and this time around has decided not to “put all her eggs in one basket.” It seems Kendall, too, is free to do her own thing.

Kendall and Harry started dating again at the end of last year, after that brief initial dating spell in 2013, and they have reportedly not labelled their much-scrutinized relationship yet. In other words, they are keeping it “casual.” Hollywood Life reports that Harry is definitely “not the jealous type” and would not even be too bothered if Kendall were to go out on a date with Cristiano Ronaldo, who was last seen flirting with the Victoria’s Secret beauty on Instagram.

“What’s not to like about Kendall? This was Harry’s reaction when he found out that Cristiano Ronaldo liked one of her Instagram photos. Harry completely understands that other guys are going to be attracted to Kendall. He knows she’s gorgeous, but he’s really not the jealous type.”

“If Kendall wants to go on a date with Cristiano, he can’t stop her…He wouldn’t be thrilled if that actually happened, but it’s not like Harry is going to freak out if this is what Kendall wants to do.”

At least Harry admitted that he would “not exactly be thrilled” about Kendall going on a date with the sportsman, although he stressed that he would not be upset. That is probably the closest thing anyone is going to get to an ego-stroking display of jealousy by the freedom-loving 1D crooner who is, after all, only 21 and probably not ready to settle into anything remotely serious.

So what is Kendall asking Gigi for advice about? If reports are to be believed, it is beautiful Kendall who would like to hurry things along with Harry Styles and make him her boyfriend, and it is the 1D star who wants to keep things casual.

This is probably frustrating for stunning Kendall. Perhaps the issue was also one of the topics of conversation when Kendall had a girl’s night with Justin Bieber-chasing Hailey Baldwin recently.

It is likely that Kendall is asking pretty Gigi Hadid how she managed to secure Bradford bad boy Zayn Malik as her regular lover. In an interesting twist, the model BFFs apparently dislike each other’s partners at least a little bit, according to Hollywood Life.

“Gigi seems to have hinted [to Kendall] that Harry couldn’t be trusted.”

“The girls are close and joked they want to become real sisters, but dating members of the same group has actually made things awkward. Kendall had her own reservations about Zayn, but the problem is they both love One Direction.”​

This is not surprising — Harry was said to have felt betrayed by Zayn when he left 1D last year, and some outlets even reported that the two heartthrobs had a teary discussion on the phone prior to Zayn exiting One Direction for good.

It is very likely that Zayn and Harold have both vented to their women about each other. Remember when Gigi Hadid appeared to be rude to Harry in an interview hosted by Giuliani Rancic, and nobody could understand why?

This interview was after Zayn left One Direction and just before Zayn and Gigi were first seen together. It’s quite probable that Gigi was cool to Harry because earlier that day she was getting earfuls about what a pain Harry was from tattoo-covered Bradford hunk Zayn.

Where will it all end? Will Gigi Hadid give Kendall Jenner good advice? Will the girls organize that fabled double date and continue their plot to reunite One Direction?

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