Mob Wives Victoria Gotti and Karen Gravano clash

‘Mob Wives’ Spoilers: Karen Plays With Fire — Gravano and Victoria Gotti Clash Over Family Loyalty?

Mob Wives spoilers tease that Drita D’Avanzo isn’t the only person Karen Gravano is at odds with right now. The exclusive VH1 sneak peak showed Karen issuing Victoria Gotti a warning about her father. Karen wants the former mob boss’s daughter to stop trashing her family and if she can’t do that, there could be some serious trouble brewing.

“Honestly, I am sick of the Gotti’s. Victoria is always there to point the finger. Sammy this or Sammy that–you’d think he was the root of all her problems.”

Brittany Fogarty arrives at Karen’s home to find her furious and anxious about her father’s chances of getting out of jail after learning that Victoria talked to the media about her father and his crimes. Gravano wants Gotti to stop talking about her father and fast. Karen tells Fogarty that as long as Victoria zips it, there will be no trouble between them.

Karen explains to Brittany that every time she turns around Victoria is blabbing something to someone about her father, Sammy. Gravano notes that she feels like the reason behind talking to the media about her father was calculated and connected to the fact her dad has a pretty good chance of getting out of jail due to a new law that had passed.

Karen stated that she didn’t understand why Victoria cannot stop blabbing to the press about her father. Gravano admitted that for as long as she could remember there had been an unspoken feud with the Gottis, and she wanted it to be over. The fight may very well be over; that is, if Victoria Gotti can stop trashing her father, Sammy the Bull.

Brittany and Karen are bonded by their father turning the state’s evidence against the mafia, in exchange to reduce their sentence. Karen told her they have a bond that the other girls cannot understand; Brittany noted they know why their fathers had to betray the mob, and love their fathers for who they are, not what they provided. Does that mean Brittany will stand by Karen side if things get ugly with Victoria or Renee Graziano?

Mob Wives showed a conversation between Big Ang (Angela Raiola) and Victoria that aired last season. In the conversation, Victoria explained that she has little respect for anyone who “rats” when they get arrested.

“Don’t enter this lifestyle unless you can handle getting pinched and serving your time. I have no respect for rats.”

Realty Today noted later in the season to expect a showdown between Victoria and Karen. Gravano has had it, and if Victoria doesn’t stop trashing her family, the two will likely fight. Is it possible Victoria and Karen are the massive showdown that VH1 teased the fans with during the initial Mob Wives trailer?

Victoria has strong words for anyone who would snitch to save themselves, and that is exactly what it seems Sammy the Bull did, and which led to Victoria’s father’s arrest. It isn’t hard to see why the women cannot agree; they both love their respective fathers and want to do right by them. Will they be able to come to terms, by agreeing that both of their fathers did the best they could at the time, and decide not to continue with the media battle?

The sneak peak for Wednesday, January 27 implies that Victoria and Karen will meet and talk over their differences. Karen is upset with Victoria’s harsh words for her father and plans to tell her to stop trashing her family every chance she gets. The sitdown between them is expected to be entertaining, intense, and probably a tad scary.

It seems highly unlikely that they will ever see eye to eye, and neither woman will fold for fear of not supporting their own family and upholding their family’s name. Watch Mob Wives on Wednesday, January 27 to see how Karen handles Victoria Gotti trashing her family name.

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