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‘General Hospital’ Star Teresa Castillo Gives Birth

General Hospital fans will be happy to hear the news that Teresa Castillo has had her baby! She left her role of Sabrina for a while to give birth and spend time with her newborn. Teresa has not been on the show for a few episodes, but these were filmed ahead of time, of course. Soap Happenings revealed the news that Teresa Castillo has given birth, but so far not many details are out about the baby. Teresa Castillo did have a little boy, but she hasn’t revealed his size or anything at this time. Fans can’t wait to hear his name and all of the details of his birth.

Teresa Castillo went to her Instagram page to reveal to fans that her son was born and share the first photo of him. This photo simply has her holding her little boy along with the caption, “Bliss.” Fans quickly rushed to like Teresa’s new photo and she had almost 5,000 likes within a few hours.


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Fans of General Hospital have been wondering when Sabrina Santiago and when she will return to Port Charles. Her character recently left the show, but of course, Teresa will return once again. Both times that Teresa Castillo had a baby in real life they have worked it into the storyline. This made it where Teresa didn’t have to leave the show for long and they were able to show her pregnancy as well. Sometimes, actresses are gone a lot longer because they simply don’t want to make the character pregnant. The first time Teresa’ character has a baby with Patrick, but he didn’t make it. That was really hard on Teresa Castillo’s character and if they made her go through that again it would be devastating. This time around is a bit different.

This time, Teresa Castillo’s character Sabrina was pretty far along before the showed it on General Hospital. They actually covered her baby bump until she was pretty big. This was partially because of the way the storyline went down for her. Teresa’s character told Michael Quartermaine that it was his baby, but it turned out that it wasn’t really. This meant she was a bit further along than everyone in Port Charles thought. Now she has left town with Carlos, the real father of her baby, and viewers are just waiting for her return.

There is no word yet on when Teresa Castillo will return to the show, but she will be coming back soon. Castillo’s baby has been born and hopefully, this means a few more weeks off and Sabrina will be back in Port Charles once again. Now everyone has to wonder how they will play this story out though. Teresa Castillo’s character could end up bringing back her baby with her or something could happen to this child as well. Carlos is not going to let her go easily, so you never know how that will end up playing out for them. He could end up kidnapping the child or hopefully Sabrina, Teresa Castillo’s character, finds a way to bring it back with her to Port Charles and end up back with Michael once again seeing he went to find her after she had already left town. You never know where Teresa’s character and her baby will end up.

Do you think that Teresa Castillo’s character Sabrina should come back to Port Charles with a baby? Should they make Teresa’s character Sabrina go through the loss of another child? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don’t miss new episodes of General Hospital on weekdays on ABC. Hopefully, it won’t be much longer before Teresa Castillo returns to the show once again.

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