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Mama June Shannon’s New Man Revealed: Who Is She Dating After Sugar Bear?

Mama June Shannon has a new man and has moved on from dating Sugar Bear. There has been news about this for a while, but now Radar Online was able to confirm who the new man in her life is and that she is done with Sugar Bear. These two tried to work things out on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, but they couldn’t fix their already broken relationship.

Mama June has a new home in Hampton, Georgia, and it turns out she hired 40-year-old Geno Doak who is a local home remodeling company owner to fix up her house. The two met and a source shared that they have been dating for about a month now. It sounds like things are going great and Mama June is really into him too. June even told a friend recently that he is great to her and the girls and they are happier than they have been in years. Mama June has moved away and is starting a new life since Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was canceled.

She also posted on her personal Facebook page recently saying “Well we are safe back in Atlanta, so exhausted, so headed home to my someone special.” So far, Mama June isn’t sharing photos of him or taking him on the red carpet, but this could be because their show Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars is still filming. Of course, fans can’t know if Sugar Bear and Mama June work it out until the show is done airing.

Mama June’s new boyfriend Geno Doak is also a single parent. He has a 21-year-old son and two teen daughters. June’s new man only lives about a 10-minute drive away from where June lives at, so it isn’t hard for these two to get together and see each other. Mama June isn’t sharing any information on her new boyfriend at all though, and fans really do want to hear about it from her.

Of course, Radar Online contacted Geno Doak to ask about Mama June Shannon and he denied that he knows her at all. Well, that obviously isn’t true, though, because he is friends with Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon, and the 16-year-old’s fiancé, Josh Elfird, 19, on Facebook. Doak also “likes,” Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson, on the social media site. This really does sound like he knows who they are and just isn’t ready to reveal his relationship yet.

Radar Online shared that Mama June and Sugar Bear were having some big problems recently. This comes out after Sugar Bear revealed to Mama June that he had experimented sexually with men before. She seemed to think that it was more than he would reveal. Sugar Bear even admitted to sleeping with his ex-wife in his car and of course, June was not happy about that news either. He also admitted to going to a hotel planning to sleep with a woman, but when he arrived the girl said that Sugar Bear wasn’t what she was wanting and it didn’t happen. He was talking to women and men on his phone and not being faithful to June, which if course, is probably a big reason of why they didn’t get back together again.

Are you shocked to hear that Mama June has moved on and starting dating someone new? Do you think that she should work things out with Sugar Bear instead? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes of Celebrity Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars on Friday nights on WE.

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