Charlie Sheen threatens Denise Richards

Is Charlie Sheen Going Off The Rails Threatening His Former Wives?

Charlie Sheen seems to constantly be seeking some level of drama in life, but sadly right now it seems to be at the expense of his children. Sheen’s former wife Denise Richards has filed documents with the court, accusing Sheen of threatening her and their daughters, in addition to having men break into her house to steal jewelry. Richards claims that Sheen has raided the children’s trust accounts, and sold her house out from under her. Sheen says that Richards is just being greedy.

According to the Inquisitr, Charlie Sheen has been called a misogynist before, and his behavior lately certainly points in that direction. Rather than take responsibility for his drug and alcohol use, and his interactions with other infamous people, Charlie Sheen has just used crude language to call out the women he paid for sex. Sheen has also regularly spoken ill of the three mothers of his children.

Radar Online says that Charlie Sheen, a.k.a Carlos Estevez, recently admitted he went to Mexico seeking alternative treatments, and stopped taking his required HIV medication. He also said that he has a bipolar disorder. Part of Denise Richards’ claim is that Sheen hired “goons” to break into her home, steal her jewelry, and scare her and their daughters.

“Before I had completely vacated the Clerendon residence, Sheen’s representatives caused the locks to be broken and changed on two occasions, and removed my jewelry and several of the children’s clothes,” the James Bond star claimed in the court documents obtained by Radar.

Richards put all of this information in a sworn statement, saying that Sheen has done irreparable damage to his relationship with their daughters.

“Denise had carpet installed in several of the bedrooms that had hardwood flooring. She wanted the house to look perfect for prospective buyers,” a source claimed. “But just weeks after the carpet was installed, someone tracked mud and dog feces all over it. This was in all of the bedrooms with the new carpet. It was obviously done with malice because no other rooms in the house suffered any damage.”

It has been suggested that whomever has done this is being childish and petty. Sheen’s daughters are now refusing to see him or speak to him, and Richards is fighting for their safety and happiness.

“Denise hasn’t spoken to Charlie in weeks, and neither have the girls. She is simply fighting for them, period. For anyone to say this is a money grab on her part, isn’t aware of all the facts. Everything will come out in court. This was the last thing Denise wanted to do, but Charlie refused to resolve the issue. She was left with no other choice.” is referring to Charlie Sheen’s death threats and behavior as “disgusting.” Richards included verified text messages from Sheen in her court filings.

“I’m looking at a picture of your parents sleeping. I had someone go into their house, give xanax [sic] to the dog, and instead of killing them, I’d rather your mom die a slow death from cancer. I am not going to do the same for you. If you get between me and the kids, I am going to sever your head, and send it to your father, and they will live without their mom, in a mansion by themselves, without their mom, and finally have the relationship with their dad.”

There were also texts sent directly to their daughter Lola, explaining in his eyes the “proper” way for her to behave.

“Mind your tongue young lady. if i talked to my parents like this at your age they’d beat my a**. Show some godd*** respect. and you can’t even come and see your grandpa [Martin Sheen] for ten minutes after he’s had open heart surgery and almost died last week?” [sic]

Sheen also told the girls he was moving to Mexico, and he would not be doing anything for them again. The house Sheen sold was titled in the names of the girls, and was supposed to protect their future. He said he had to sell it to pay off the people who were blackmailing him to keep his disease a secret.

Do you think Charlie Sheen’s behavior should be a criminal matter?

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