Mariah Carey's engagement ring is almost as big as The Hope Diamond

Mariah Carey’s Engagement Ring Is Bigger Than Elizabeth Taylor’s And Almost As Big As The Hope Diamond

Mariah Carey is now engaged to billionaire James Packer and now has a 35 carat engagement ring to show off to all her celebrity family and friends, and not to mention, the rest of us. How does her 35 carat engagement ring compare to other big name celebrities? Well, let’s think about it. The average carat size for an engagement ring is actually just one carat. Jennifer Aniston’s engagement ring was 10 carats, Kim Kardashian’s was 19 carats, and Elizabeth Taylor’s was 33 carats. Us Weekly reports, Mariah Carey’s engagement ring is so huge, it is bigger than all of these and is almost as big as the Hope Diamond, which is 45 carats. That’s a lot of carats!

TMZ reports Carey and Packer actually got engaged before they both got divorced from their last partners. Oops! Although they did get engaged before either of their divorces were finalized from their last partners, according to Daily Mail, Carey’s ex-husband, Nick Cannon, who started their divorce proceedings last year, congratulated her on her new engagement with billionaire James Packer. Although he pretends he is heartbroken over it, he was really nice about it and tried to be funny while congratulating her on her new happy life. In fact, the Daily Mail reports that Nick posted a photo of himself lying in a hospital bed with a hospital gown on, as if to be heartsick, with his friend Kevin Hart hovering over him saying, “It’s only a ring, Nick!” But all funniness aside, Nick captioned the photo saying the following.

“This made me laugh out loud for real! HILARIOUS! #AllLove Congrats to @MariahCarey and James! May God Bless your future union! #GreatPeople #GreatCouple”

Nick Cannon, the host of America’s Got Talent, really is a funny guy and it is nice to hear of him having a sense of humor when congratulating the new couple.

On a more serious note, the Daily Mail also says that Mariah’s engagement ring cost James Packer a total of $7.5 million. That is some serious cash, but if you are anyone like James Packer, that is just pocket change. James Packer is estimated to be worth $4.5 billion so that is definitely just pocket change to him. As for Mariah Carey, it was reported by the Daily Mail that she has been on cloud nine since 47-year-old Packer swept her off her feet about a year ago.

The huge 35 carat engagement ring was created by Wildred Rosado and he says he went to great lengths to create a very beautiful ring that would show the billionaire’s love and adoration for Carey. He said he wanted to create a ring that would not be able to be measured up to. He also said he wanted to create a ring that would be about new beginnings and that Mariah Carey definitely has strong opinions about how she likes things and what she likes.

#fabulous #newyears celebration in #australia #jp

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However, since neither of them have had their divorces finalized yet, they may be in for a rather long engagement. The reason for Nick and Mariah’s divorce taking so long to finalize is because, although the couple had a pre-nup, there are some financial issues stopping it from going through yet. Not only this but, Packer and his soon-to-be ex-wife are going through some stipulations as well before it can be finalized.

Mariah Carey and James Packer went public with their dating status in June of 2015 and spent the summer on a cruise on his yacht along the Italian Rivera.

This past Thursday night, they announced their engagement and talk of it spread like wildfire. They announced it during a party they planned to celebrate their new relationship status at the Eleventh Madison Park in New York City.

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