Super Bowl 50 Tickets Headed For An All-Time High: What Will It Cost To Snag A Ticket For The Big Game?

If you’re looking to attend this year’s Super Bowl, you might want to consider a small business loan to gain access to the event.

Tickets for the February 7th match-up between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers has hit an average of $6,000 per ticket, according to the TiqIQ, a secondary market ticket price aggregator.

It is the first time in over five years that a single ticket for the Super Bowl is valued at more than $4,000 and the fact that the game is being played in Silicon Valley gives reason to believe that the affluent population that resides in the area plays a part in the inflated prices.

IQ has reported that the cheapest ticket at this year’s Super Bowl is $3,279.00, which is likely to drop as tickets go unpurchased and the event date draws closer.

Still, an event that is meant to be as much for the fans than the players is evolving into a bidding war with the individual holding the fattest wallet (or purse) coming out on top. An unfortunate reality for the average fan hoping to catch their favorite team or player in one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) sporting events of the year.

The highest priced ticket up for grabs right now per these secondary ticket sellers like Stubhub and TiqIQ is listed at more than $26,100, while some luxury suites are selling for more than $500,000. Yeah, that’s right, half a million dollars to watch a football game.

Fox Business actually reported that after the Denver Broncos defeat of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots this past Sunday in the AFC championship game, tickets for the February 7th’s big game have actually dropped –Thank you, Peyton Manning!

But high ticket prices for the game won’t be the only financial obstacle for fans.

Fox Business also noted on the substantial amount it would cost to book a hotel in the San Francisco Bay area during Super Bowl weekend. TripAdvisor is showing that prices for a room within 10 miles of Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara (where the Super Bowl is being played) are nearly 40 percent more expensive than rooms in last year’s location, Phoenix Arizona, for Super Bowl 49.

One way to avoid such inflated prices, according to TripAdvisor’s director of communications, Brooke Ferencsik, would be to book a room in a hotel outside of that 10 mile radius. According to Mr. Ferencsik’s insight, the price for a room reservation at a hotel in Santa Cruz, which sits 30 miles from Super Bowl 50’s Levi Stadium, is $273 compared to those within the 10 miles radius that cost closer to $600 a night.

“Football fans looking to score tickets or just get a piece of the action in San Francisco can still find a wide selection of reasonably-priced rooms available to book on TripAdvisor,” Ferencsik said in a press release. “Bargain-hunting travelers can save up to 50 percent if they are willing to hike more than 20 miles from the stadium in cities such as Oakland or San Bruno compared to closer destinations like San Jose or Mountain View.”

TripAdvisor was also kind enough to set out a guide for those who plan to make their way to the Bay Area for the game this upcoming February on their website.

Super Bowl 50 will be played at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA on Feb. 7., The game will be broadcasted on CBS at 6:30 p.m. EST and feature one of the leagues most iconic quarterbacks in Peyton Manning with his Denver Broncos vs. MVP hopeful Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. This year’s halftime performance will be headlined by Coldplay featuring pop queen Beyonce.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]