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Lindsay Lohan Spots Crime At London Chanel Boutique, Posts Bloody Photo On Instagram

Lindsay Lohan has become an unofficial London crime reporter. Chanel’s Bromptom Road boutique in South Kensington was the target of a robbery on early Monday morning, Jan. 25, and the actress was on the scene.

A car allegedly drove into the boutique’s windows around 4 a.m. The suspects entered the boutique and allegedly stole many of the handbags that were on display. Lohan, who has been living in London, shared a photo of the crime on her Instagram account. She said she prayed for the burglars who went through a broken window.

Lindsay even shared the photo using the phrase “May the Force Be With You” and a lightsaber filter. It’s not clear why she chose to to make light of the incident.

Lindsay Lohan
[Photo Courtesy of Lindsay Lohan/Instagram]
A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said that the burglary is still undergoing an investigation. “No arrests have been made and inquiries continue,” he told Women’s Wear Daily. Also, the value of the goods cannot be confirmed, and the Chanel boutique has declined to comment about the incident to the media.

Lindsay Lohan previously made headlines with her Instagram over the weekend. The troubled starlet shared a photo of herself with a bloody wound, causing fans to wonder if she’d become the victim of domestic violence. Lindsay posted the photo and quickly deleted it.

The graphic photo appeared to be an image of her bloody knee, along with the caption, “Don’t stay with the wrong guy. There goes something that I thought was good. Be true to yourself and NEVER let a man hit you. My mom @dinalohan taught me.”

The photo obviously stirred an outpouring of concern from fans, and Lohan removed the photo just minutes after it surfaced on her Instagram page.

It seemed like Lindsay was accusing a possible boyfriend of causing her harm, but she hasn’t made any other mention of the incident since the day that she deleted the photo.

Fans have no idea who Lohan is dating these days. She hasn’t made any mention of her significant other on her social media accounts. Earlier this month, Lohan was under scrutiny when she shared a topless photo of herself with a mysterious dark-haired man kissing her lower back.

She coyly captioned the steamy photo with a high-five emoji and no explanation. Meanwhile, fans were wondering who the lucky guy was in the photo. Some fans thought it was Lindsay’s ex-boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama, while others thought it was Rob Kardashian. Meanwhile, other fans were too busy scolding Lindsay for posting such a pic in the first place.

Lindsay Lohan
[Photo Courtesy of Lindsay Lohan/Instagram]
Early last year, Lindsay Lohan was previously linked to an Italian businessman named Mathia Milani. She was even spotted wearing an engagement ring over the summer, but insiders close to the starlet claim that she was playing a prank on her friends and the media.

In May 2015, Lindsay Lohan was seen bursting into tears in the middle of the street in Milan, Italy after having a public fight with her boyfriend. The couple was dining with their friends at the La Risacca 6 restaurant, according to the Daily Mail. Lindsay was seen touching her boyfriend’s arm as she tried to hold back her tears.

The pair hasn’t been photographed together since June 2015, and there is no indication that Milani has any involvement in Lohan’s disturbing injury.

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