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‘Deadliest Job Interview’ Promises Plenty Of Action In This New Series

There are some jobs and careers that are extremely dangerous, taking a lot of training and experience to master without being injured or worse — getting killed. The Futon Critic shared that Deadliest Job Interview follows rookies or “greenhorns,” as they’re sometimes called, as they share their perspectives on what it takes to work eight extremely dangerous and deadly jobs.

The six-episode Deadliest Job Interview series takes viewers along as the newcomers learn the necessary skills that they will need on these various jobs. Viewers of Deadliest Job Interview may not realize that some of these perilous occupations even exist, such as becoming an acrobatic bush pilot in the savanna of South Africa. Other jobs that are equally as dangerous include working as a volcanologist at the top of the explosive Stromboli in Italy, training to become a construction diver down into the depths of the Pacific, or learning the ropes as a wind turbine technician in some of the windiest conditions on Earth.

Undoubtedly, many of the men and women who apply for these Deadliest Job Interview positions are confident they will be successful, but some of them don’t realize exactly what they’re in for. Besides conquering the rigors of these jobs, some of the rookies just won’t be able to handle the danger and stress as they attempt to prove they have what it takes to earn a permanent position. Zap2It noted that when ordinary people try out for some of the most dangerous jobs in the country in the Deadliest Job Interview series, it doesn’t always go so well.

There is absolutely no room for mistakes; other people before them have died doing these jobs. Viewers of Deadliest Job Interview will watch the rookies struggle as they learn the ropes and work their way up the totem pole. They will have to prove they have what it takes to handle whatever the Deadliest Job Interview show throws their way. Some will quit and a few will be fired, but all of them will experience something that they’ll never forget by being a part of the Deadliest Job Interview.

Discovery is known for several other popular shows that follow people in dangerous settings besides Deadliest Job Interview. For example, there is the Naked and Afraid series, where a man and a woman are dropped off in remote and often very harsh environments (sans clothes), where they must then try to survive and work together for 21 long and grueling days. Dual Survival is somewhat similar: the co-hosts are also dropped off in remote locations, but they get to keep their clothes on and do have some supplies to aid them on their 72-hour journey.

Perhaps one the most popular Discovery series, which also boasts a huge fan base, is Deadliest Catch. This show highlights the dangers of crab fishing. During crab season, the show follows several crews as they pursue the lucrative bounty in the dangerous and always-changing Bering Sea. Perhaps the network is banking that Deadliest Job Interview will eventually pull in as many viewers. It certainly has the danger factor going for it, which is a plus.

Deadliest Job Interview is produced for the Discovery network by Sharp Entertainment. Matt Sharp, Dan Adler, and Johnny Petillo are the executive producers representing Sharp Entertainment, with Jason Cavanagh serving as co-executive producer. Joseph Schneier and Mitchell Rosenbaum are the executive producers for the Discovery Channel, with Brian Peterson as coordinating producer.

Do you plan to watch this new series? Would you try one of the dangerous jobs featured on the show? Leave your comments, thoughts and opinions below. Deadliest Job Interview premieres on Friday, January 29 at 10 p.m. ET on Discovery.

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