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Louis Tomlinson: Will We Ever Hear The Truth About ‘Babygate’?

Ever since the Sun announced in July that Louis Tomlinson was to become a father, the entire matter has been dealt with in a way that defies belief. Bearing in mind that Tomlinson has Simon Cowell, Syco, his management team, a PR company and presumably a legal team to advise him, the whole matter has been a PR disaster from beginning to end. Louis himself has said so little about what ought to be one of the happiest events in his life that many fans find it hard to believe a word that has been written about the whole sorry tale.

From the start, the whole story of baby Tomlinson has been a contradiction, wrapped in a mystery and bound by an enigma. Many of Louis’ fans believe that the story is shady.

Initially, Louis’ fans were alarmed by the fact that the story was broken by the Sun’s U.S. editor, Pete Samson, who quoted unnamed sources when he wrote that Tomlinson was on his way to fatherhood. Samson just happens to be married to Anne-Marie Samson, who is head of PR for Simon Cowell and Syco.

Many of Tomlinson’s fans cannot understand why the Sun uses an almost exclusively negative narrative when reporting anything on One Direction, and on Louis in particular. Especially when there are direct links from the tabloid to One Direction’s management and PR teams.

After the news about baby Tomlinson broke, we saw hundreds of articles published that suggested that Briana Jungwirth was not pregnant, that the baby wasn’t Louis’ and that a court battle over paternity would ensue. We have seen Jungwirth’s family slight Tomlinson and his reputation, albeit in a backhanded way. Just yesterday, the Inquisitr reported that reports were claiming that Briana is a “gold-digger,” out to secure up to $58,000 a month for child support.

We know that Louis is aware of the gossip — the Tomlinson family have mentioned several instances of hurtful gossip on social media. Yet through it all we have heard nothing from Tomlinson and more importantly we have heard nothing from Louis’ team. Tomlinson’s management and PR teams seem to have failed to lift a finger to combat the relentless stream of negativity emerging from some sections of the U.K.’s gutter press.

Even after rumors swept the internet that Louis’ son had been born, we have heard precisely nothing from Tomlinson’s team. There has been no press release announcing the arrival of baby Tomlinson, no press conference from Louis saying that he had a son, and that mother and baby were doing well. The sum total of communication has come from Tomlinson’s Twitter account saying that his son had been born, was healthy, and that Louis was happy. Even Tomlinson’s One Direction bandmates have not acknowledged baby Tomlinson’s arrival, though there was a solitary tweet from the usually enigmatic Harry Styles which may have been about the birth.

Even after the birth announcement was reported on, we continue to see conflict and contradiction. Last week, it was reported that Louis had rented a totally “ordinary” house for Briana and had filled it with cheap furniture. Today, the Mirror claims that Louis has, in fact, rented a $10 million mansion and a four-bedroom house for Briana and baby Tomlinson.

Yesterday, the Sun claimed that Briana’s mother, Tammi, and Louis had a huge fight, which resulted in Tomlinson being kicked out of the delivery room and almost missing the birth.

“Briana’s mother Tammi went berserk at [Louis] in the hospital. He spent a lot of the time she was in labour sat in his car because Tammi wouldn’t let him near Briana.”

Today, the Mirror writes that Louis totally denies the claims that he was excluded from the birthing room. A rep for Tomlinson insists that Louis was by Briana’s side for “the whole time.”

“This story is absolutely not true and Louis was by Briana’s side the whole time in the delivery room for the birth.”

The way that the entire baby affair has been handled by Tomlinson’s team absolutely defies belief. It has been handled in a way that can only be described as farcical.

Tomlinson’s fans cannot decide whether Louis’ team are deliberately trying to damage his reputation or if they are simply inept. A couple of properly staged press conferences by Louis when the pregnancy announcement was made and when baby Tomlinson arrived would have put paid to the rumor mill and been far less damaging to Tomlinson’s reputation than the current shambles.

It is no surprise to see that fans are confused, upset, and hurt by the way the story has been handled. Louis’ fans have dubbed the affair “babygate.” Tomlinson’s fans are devoted to the 24-year-old star and want nothing more than to see him happy, but many believe that Louis’ becoming a dad has been the stuff of farce.

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