Miranda Lambert admits that her divorce from Blake Shelton damaged her.

Miranda Lambert ‘Damaged’ From Blake Shelton Divorce, Imitates Gwen Stefani By Posting PDA In Beau’s Beanie? [Photos]

Miranda Lambert is finally ready to talk about the full impact of getting divorced from Blake Shelton last year. And when you’re a country musician like Miranda, that means taking your pain and putting it to music. For Lambert, the occasion to dish about how she’s “damaged” came during a concert, reported the Daily Mail.

With so much publicity about Blake’s rebound romance with Gwen Stefani, it hasn’t been easy for Miranda to move on. So during a Nashville performance, Lambert confessed that she now is trying to look back on 2015 as a “really sh**ty” year. And she’s not the only one in her circle to have suffered so much that she feels entitled to sing about the pain.

As an introduction to crooning “Scars,” penned by Scotty Wray (the guitarist for Miranda), Lambert revealed that she and Scotty had such a bad year that they even got tattoos to provide proof.

That divorce from Blake Shelton resulted in a very bad year for Miranda Lambert.
That divorce from Blake Shelton resulted in a very bad year for Miranda Lambert. [Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]

“We both had, like, a really really sh**ty year in 2015, and we have tattoos to prove it,” said the singer, joining Wray in raising her arm to display the ink.

But the good news about the bad times she suffered from her divorce, added Miranda, is now she feels she has suffered sufficiently to do the song justice.

Miranda Lambert performs through emotional pain.
Miranda Lambert performs through emotional pain. [Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Big Barrel]

“I was never damaged enough to sing a song called Scars,” confessed Lambert. “It’s something you have to sell and really feel — and go through s**t, basically — to execute.”

The singer also expressed her appreciation to her guitarist on social media.

“Last night was magical. I feel so blessed to call these incredibly talented people my friends. They inspire me every day. And Scotty Wray who has been by my side with a guitar in his hands for 15 years now. I’ve been singing his song ‘Scars’ with him all those years. And last night I got to sing it on my own for the first time. It meant a lot to both of us. Sometimes you have to live it to sing it. Especially a song like that. Thanks to everyone who came to share it with us. #roadsidebarsandpinkguitars #unplugged #friends #inspiration”

For Miranda. it’s time to move on, and that means touring. Lambert begins her “Keeper of the Flame World Tour,” which features 26 concert dates, on March 7 in Houston, Texas. She then heads to London on March 11.

Life Beyond Music for Miranda Lambert Now Includes Romance

And Miranda also has found her own new love, albeit not as quickly as Blake moved on with Gwen. Anderson East, 28, is the 32-year-old singer’s new beau. The two even headed off on an Aspen holiday skiing trip, while Shelton celebrated Christmas with Stefani.

Lambert has been sharing her new romance on social media, reported ET Online.

Miranda Lambert shares collage with her puppies and her boyfriend's beanie.
Miranda Lambert shares collage with her puppies and her boyfriend’s beanie. [Image via Miranda Lambert/Instagram]

A collage of Miranda with her dogs (whose names are Cher and Delta Dawn) displayed them sporting red and white hats. And there’s a special significance in that beanie for Lambert and Anderson. It just happens to be East’s special University of Alabama head warmer.

“Beanies Baby! #cher #deltadawn #boyfriendsbamabeanie,” wrote Miranda. “#thesnuggleisreal #Cherhateshats.”

This picture and caption mark the second time that Lambert has referred to snuggling with Anderson on social media. Miranda previously posted a picture in which she and East were cuddling under a coat, again wearing beanies but that time showing off their PDA.

Have no doubt: That snuggle is real, promises Miranda Lambert.
Have no doubt: That snuggle is real, promises Miranda Lambert. [Image via Miranda Lambert/Instagram]

“The snuggle is real,” shared Lambert for the caption for that picture.

Did Miranda take a cue from Gwen about those matching hats and sharing the PDA on social media? Stefani has been seen sporting a camouflage baseball cap of Shelton’s recently and has become famed for parading their own PDA on social media too.

Did Miranda Lambert borrow Gwen's and Blake's habit of matching hats?
Did Miranda Lambert borrow Gwen’s and Blake’s habit of matching hats? [Image via Gwen Stefani/Twitter]

As the Inquisitr reported, Gwen has even evolved her style and fashion to match Shelton’s, from putting her sons in Blake-style country attire to popping his caps on her head.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]