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Diet Foods Lose Ground To Healthy Foods As ‘5-6-7-8 Diet’ Book Launched

Years ago, specific diets were all the rage. Diet foods that accompanied those diets were popular as well. However, “dieting” sounds like a lack of food to consumers, reports NPR, with the “diet” thought-process being phased into a “healthy eating” plan instead. Whereas low-fat foods once ruled the roost, these days customers tend to look for healthier ingredients and foods that promise gluten-free or non-GMO fare.

As reported by the Chicago Tribune, it was in 1995 when Dr. David Ludwig, a man who researched the low-fat diet fad that was so popular back then, began experimenting with the types of changes in diet that could truly help his overweight patients — and himself. Many of the so-called popular diets caused Dr. Ludwig and his patients to gain weight instead of losing weight. That’s when the good doctor set about finding out what foods did to the body — and learned that stuff like bread, pasta, and cereal could also cause fat gains, not fat loss. As such, he learned that increasing his protein intake and getting more healthy fat — as well as ditching some “bad” carbs — helped him lose weight and increase his energy levels.

“I started eating way more fat, cutting back on processed carbs. I ate a little bit more protein, but really made no attempt to lose weight. The first thing I felt was a surge of energy. I used to feel in the middle of the afternoon this desperate hunger, but now I would feel satiated after eating and just a sense of energy and well-being. It was wonderful. Three months later, I’d lost about 20 pounds. The mantra is, forget calories, focus on food quality and let your body do the rest.”

His diet includes dairy, nuts, olive oil, steak salad, and plenty more full-fat fare. Bread and pasta is cut out then phased back in. Dr. Ludwig cited a study that featured people eating high-fat healthy Mediterranean types of diets with plenty of olive oil versus a low-fat diet, and the heart disease rates in the high fat group dropped dramatically.

With popular diets like Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and Lean Cuisine once made goldmines from dieting plans, a Mintel survey reports that 94 percent of the 2,000 people surveyed don’t view themselves as dieters.

Other interesting eating plans have emerged, such as the 6:1 fasting diet used by Coldplay’s Chris Martin, wherein the singer takes one whole day per week off from eating, as reported by ABC News.

Another diet with plenty of numbers in it from Kym Johnson is called the “5-6-7-8 Diet,” reports ABC News. That diet from the Dancing With the Stars celebrity breaks down the fact that five stands for having “five sources of protein in your diet.” The six represents six colors of the rainbow and a plethora of colorful foods — like fruits and veggies. The seven stands for good anti-inflammatory foods. And eight means to stay well hydrated with water, eight glasses per day — at least for those folks whose doctors believe it won’t be harmful.

The flourless pancakes and the recipe for them was discussed in the above linked-to video from GMA.

“In the book we’ve got loads of flourless pancake recipes. These are banana pancakes. Yeah. There’s also like a hamburger and fries. Who doesn’t love hamburger and fries. You could have a hamburger and fries. Sweet potatoes, so cut them up and bake it instead of frying and then I have a turkey burger and instead of the bun, I just have the lettuce and then this is like a dessert. A sweet comfort tea. Sweet comfort tea. So it’s like — It looks thick. It has cacao in it. “

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